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Thread: New Pup - Wont Drink Water / Keeps Biting Me, Need Advice! :)

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    Default New Pup - Wont Drink Water / Keeps Biting Me, Need Advice! :)


    as the title says we finally purchased our pure bred pup after all the dramas and stress... (if anyone had read my past post regarding health issues etc) We ended up getting the big boy who has was the healthy boy of the lot so we were stoked.

    Anyway, have been having a few issues...

    firstly we've had him now approx- 3 weeks (hes 10 weeks old now) and still having issues getting him to drink water? Its just so bizarre, wei've tried different bowls, glass, metal... the only way he will drink is if I disguise the water with a bit of puppy milk.. but even that he wont drink during the day and only just before bed and tends to drink the entire bowl ( i worry maybe he gets so dehydrated)?

    Other issue is that he looked really well when we picked him up, but going on 3 weeks he is looking quite skinny. he is slim build dog (weimaraner) but you can see most of his ribs. We feed him between 2 -3 times a day .... once before we go to work (mince meat, advantage dry bics, sardines etc) so a decent size. We then feed him again when we get home.. and then again before bed.. usually just dry biscuits with his puppy milk and water so at least he gets fluids. he is quite active and playful so I know Im guessing hes not unwell.... he doesnt always eat his food so I dont want to over feed him.... Im just stressed about the ribs showing!

    Ok.. other issue.... he constantly bails me up, bites, scratches me but not my husband. I have tried every method and needing some advice if anyone can help! Ive tried the loud (NO, or no bite, get down... stop) doesnt work just makes him progress further. ive tried getting up walking away and ignore him only for him to grab a firm hold on my leg (with his mouth) and i cant walk... ive got bruises, scratches everywhere and its really upsetting me. My husband just says NO or HEY and he stops for him? he seems to do it more when my husband isnt there. Iknow hes not trying to hurt me or be vicious and possibly just an attention thing but its realy distressing me! Ive been around dogs in the past who have always seemed to jump on me but not others... so I was nervous about how I was going to go. Ive yelled so loud and realise that this is not working, so Ive tried to be calm.... he still continues and has this viscious look in his eyes the more I tell him off! Ive been googling a way to stop this and have tried every suggestion and ready to pull my hair out! I love our boy so much, maybe too much? Is that maybe whats wrong? Im around him more than my husband and have got him nearly toilet trained.... he follows me around everywhere... and I mean everywhere yet turns his nose up at my husband! Its quite bizarre!!! ok.... sorry this turned into a massive post!

    just wondering if anyone can offer any advice, Ill try anything! thanks!!!

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    We had the biting fingers problem with our boy too. He is 12 weeks atm but I doubt he is as big as your guy. We said lots of 'No' (I think it is the most commonly said word in this house at the moment). At first he did not seem to know what the word meant, but we think he has kind of fugured it our now. If, after a few no's he did not stop biting, I would grab his snout so that he was muzzled by my hand and repeat "no". I would let go and see what he did, if he didn't bite my fingers I made sure to say "good boy".

    If he did bite fingers again we would grab his lower jaw and push down under his tongue. Not too forcefully, just enough for him to loosen his grip. Again, repeating "No". The guy at puppy training gave us this advice and it seemed to work in most situations. If he stopped biting at that stage we said "good boy"

    Sometimes he was just so overstimulated that nothing seemed to stop him wanting to chew. When that happened we were very reluctantly advised to roll him on his back and hold him till he stopped struggling, even if he cried. We did have to do that a couple of times, I hated doing it but it seemed to make him gain some sense.

    He still occasionally goes for fingers when he forgets himself, but will stop after we say no once or twice, sometimes thrice. I think the most important thing is to be consistent.

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    he's a puppy ans he is teething. When he bites you, you are doing the right thing by saying NO. be firm and give him a dirty look. Then give him something he is allowed to chew on. a bone, toy, old shoe. this will teach hi what he is allowed to chew. ice cubes are really good for teething puppies as it numbs their gums. try making up some with puppy milk or chicken stock instead.

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    He is puppy and has discovered teeth. They don't actually start teething until 4 or 5 months. So yes a stern no or argh and give him something his allowed to chew.
    He maybe testing you so try a time out area. Not somewhere where he sleeps.
    Pushing him away and telling him no too many times will just excite him.
    So a firm no cross your arms turn your back and ignore. And as soon as he is good a calm praise. I would try a chicken broth. Boil some chicken instead of stock cubes as they are very high in salt.
    Contact your breeder regarding his drinking prob and weight. That's what they're there for.
    Also enroll in an obedience club that has a good reputation and the classes are not too big. Some puppy schools that are run by vets for example are not that good and quiet often they let all the pups off lead and is not in a calm controlled environment.
    Good luck and Wei's are lovely dogs.

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    Default still pulling my hair out!

    thanks for all your advice

    Im really at wits end at the moment.... Ive been really sick with the flu the past week and home all day and trying to control our pup who is wearing me down so much. Im feeling like such a bad owner at the moment as nothing seems to work it just brings me to tears really.

    Ive tried yelling NO.. calmly saying NO, I also tried that method suggested holding his mouth closed and saying no bite... Ive tried holding him down until he calms down, ive even resorted to rolled up paper and a tap on the butt... all of this just makes him appear more aggressive towards me.

    He also is doing this with my husband, but more so at me. I push him down, try to walk away.... he grabs hold of an arm or leg and really digs in to the poiint where he draws blood and i cant move... i know it sounds so trivial espeically since Im so much bigger than him but then again hes quite a big boy... nearly 12 weeks old but big for a pup.

    We are going to take him to obedience classes on the weekend, im concerned that Im not going to learn how to control his behaviour, especially the jumping and biting. Its cute and all when it doesnt hurt and they are little but Im really scared that Im not going to be able to control his behaviour and he will always want to attack me. Right now, I hate to say it but he scares me when he lunges at me! I know, probably one of the worst things an owner could say is that they are scared of their dog. I just feel at wits end and feeling so ill and just over it! When hes not doing all of this hes a beautiful boy but I just dont know how to deal with him when he is so eratic and crazy.... any advice?

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    Is he drinking water?

    Obedience classes are a good start. I would get there a little earlier and have a chat to the trainer.
    Have you tried "time out"?
    I would stop pinning him down and using rolled up newspaper.
    And being unwell would make things harder as well.
    Where are your classes and who with?
    Hang in there.

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    On the water, is there any difference in the water you are giving him to what the breeder was, eg different water reserve, bore water compared to rain?

    It could be a taste thing, horses tend to do the same, get used to the water at home then if they are drinking while out and about they won't drink it witout tainting it with molassous (sp).

    Maybe keep adding puppy milk and gradually lessen the milk/water ratio

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    Some pups are really mouthy. It doesn't sound too much like he's being vicious, and I'm sure he doesn't dislike you. He's just over excited. Weims are a very excitable and sometimes anxious breed.

    The hard thing is that is becomes a circular problem. He jumps and grabs to get your atention, you get upset, he gets more wound up - even anxious, then he grabs harder as he is uncertain. It only escalates. You have to try and stay calm and assertive. Shouting and getting upset won't stop him.

    Have you tried a water pistol or spray bottle? Sometimes it can be enough to just break his attention for a moment. What you are looking for is a momentary distraction - then reward that distraction. He may stop only for a second, but try again.

    As for his weight, he will go through gangly stages. He's at an age where he will stop being a little round pup and start to grow a big adult frame. Try not to worry too much, think of a teenage boy, sometimes their a little pudgy, then the next month they can be all lanky and skinny. If he's eating ok and energetic don't worry too much, in another week or two he'll be a different size and shape again!

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    I agree with Nattylou, our boy still likes to try to see if he can get away with gnawing on my fingers, somewhat more so than he does on my partner's fingers. I have come to the realisation that the nibbling of digits hasn't ended, it has only lessened and he gives up after a couple of no's. If he doesn't I have tried some of the advice on this site...give him a distraction.

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    I had a red cattle dog that to the best of my memory only once drank water in front of me (would willingly and voluntarily drink beer though). Whenever she drank water apart from that time will forever be a memory. She drank a large bowl of water after an accident involving a blowhole at a local beach and almost drowning in it. A dog my brother has isn't too keen on water either, however put a drizzle of fat from some BBQ'd sausages in a medium sausepan full of cold water and he will finish it.

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