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Thread: New Pup - Wont Drink Water / Keeps Biting Me, Need Advice! :)

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    hi again

    thanks for all your suggestions and advice! Just letting you know that things are on the improve finally! I read somewhere about spraying your pup with water might help, and guess what .. it worked! I started doing this a week ago and he has calmed down considerablly.. still jumps and bites but is much more gentler with me... in fact we have lots of cuddle time now, and if he bites i say no... and make the noise of the spray bottle and he backs off and starts licking! so then i say "good boy" Im so suprised that something as simple as this has worked when every other method I was trying was making him more aggresive. ahhh its a big relief.

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    7 weeks old is usually considered too young to be leaving the mother dog. This might be why drinking water is a problem - he hasn't been around other dogs doing it. But he must be drinking enough or he'd be dead by now. Basic dehydration test involves pinching up a bit of loose skin eg back of the neck and seeing how fast it goes back smooth. Faster the better. Sometimes pushing a bit on the gums and seeing how fast the gums return to normal is a test but I'd call that a test of anaemia. Ie if the gums stay white for a long time the dog is anaemic.

    The main way to stop nipping is to withdraw attention. Yelling "No" or anything else without backing it up with some sort of separation or withdrawal of your company will not work. Some recommend a loud high pitched yelp and then turning your back. If he's chasing you when you walk away, try standing still and ignoring him. As soon as he stops trying to jump on you or bite you, praise lots. I say "ouch" to my dog and then stop playing for 30 seconds or so. I don't walk away or look at her. I just sit there, not moving, like a really boring toy.

    If you walk or run away that invokes his chase/prey drive. It won't help.

    You might want to consider crate training him. If my dog was being completely obnoxious, she'd go in the crate, until I was ready to work with her. I would just calmly and quietly put her in. In fact most times she'd happily go in of her own accord because the crate is a nice safe place for her, like her personal indoor kennel. And we'd have a bit of time out from each other. She'd also go in the crate when she was little and I had to go out, so the furniture and carpet would not be at risk from puppy exploration and accidents. Get a copy of Susan Garrett's "Crate Games".

    You love your boy way way too much? Maybe you could start limiting how much attention you give him. Only give him attention when you want to and not when he initiates it - for starters. If that's not helping then start setting yourself time limits. Dog can have attention / play / training from you for 10 minutes of each hour and no more. And when you do give attention make it like as much brain work as possible eg a few very short sessions of sit/drop/sit/drop using a food or toy lure. Or a couple of short sessions of tug followed by a quick bit of heel work in the back yard etc.

    You might also want to look at these for puppy training ideas.

    I wish I'd done Triangle of Temptation and NILIF (nothing in life is free) with my dog when she was very young.

    Digital Dog Training Textbook | Dog Star Daily

    Triangle of Temptation

    NILIF, the way ALL dogs should be raised

    and for a bit more brain work and fun, you might want to explore clicker training especially "free shaping".
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    he thinks you are in a lower level on the "pack" -- your husband the alpha leader (that's why he listens to him), your puppy, and then you.

    When he starts to bite or show aggression, rattle a tin container w/ coins or rocks inside -- dogs hate the sound! Or, you may get a spritzer spray filled with water and use that.

    Regarding not wanting to drink, you may want to bring to the vet to have him checked up as there might be a medical issue behind it. Better be safe.

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    With water issues, just make sure he always has clean drinking water he can go to when he feels like it. He'll drink when he needs too. Usually he should drink after he eats or after play. It could be that he is still looking for milk.

    It's good that the spray bottle of water worked for him! Another thing you can try is to fill a can with stones or coins. Shake it when he starts to nip!

    Bringing him to obedience classes is a good idea. Ask about clicker training as this will help you train your dog in a positive way.

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