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Thread: Ready for Offleash?

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    Default Ready for Offleash?

    Hi bernie is now 10 months old.
    Ive read the pup development calendar.
    He's at that gangly stage for a GSD, all legs. Weve managed to get over his selective deafness. That part has gone. Though was not that bad.

    Ive only had rotties in the past, a vastly different breed especially on grey matter.

    my rotties have been slow to train, that training has always gone down the drain at the teenage stage. But then comes back up, till you get the devoted, obedient dog as an adult. GSD's are so very different.

    Bernie now does all that we need our pet to do.
    I wanted to do obedience with him, but we both are bored to tears with it. so stopped. I can work him nicely alone, with the help of our doggie owning mates that we meet each morning.

    In almost a year, Bernie has NEVER, not come back when called. Ever. He will sit and wait, while i let a rabbit run across our path, he see's the rabbit, wants to chase, but doesnt move, waits till i get his frizbee ready to go again. There is nothing, that beats a frizbee. So i never leave home with dog, without it.

    I know that Bernie is focussed on the frizbee, not me. I know he cannot leave it. He must be where it is. With me.

    Question: when, using the frizbee, is it safe to let bernie off leash?
    I am trying to learn and teach, running along side the bike, with me. I have off leash area to teach him in, but others are there with dogs sometimes. Off leash, as a courtesy, i call my dog to me, if another dog approaches, its clear to others, this dog is under my control, so whilst i dont pop the leash back on, i keep him at my feet till other dog owner is past, then i release bernie. I want to just keep riding past others.

    Do you think i should do this? as the leash is a obstacle on a bike i could do without.

    why ride a bike with a dog? coz i want to physically tire my dog, something ive never managed yet with this one! the mental excercise part is easy with Bernie, as he'll work real hard on tasks set, and tire nicely.

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    Try it on foot at first with the other dogs, maybe keep the leash on in case laying under your foot, or grab his collar, but it sounds to me like he's obsessed with the frizbee and if you show him that it acts like a trigger to your command.

    Hope this helps

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