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Thread: Rusty Has Skin Condition :(

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    It sounds like you have a wonderful vet, who agrees that by taking on these pups you are doing a great thing.

    I can't think of any other herbs, garlic and fish oil are great for both dogs and humans.

    Thanks for the update, keep us posted when possible!

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    We had a dog that would lose her hair and get hives from flea or even mites, the vet gave her an injection and it got better, we just had to keep up to date with the needle

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    You can try vitamin c to help boost his immune system. You can get sodium ascorbate powder at a health food shop - it is easy to add to food as it has little to no taste.

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    Thanks for your support and suggestions, guys. My family and friends look on with indulgent bewilderment at my love for animals, it is lovely to talk to folk who understand why I do what I do, lol. Will try the vitamin C.

    Will keep posting our progress.

    Here are the pups as they are now.....



    This Teddy, our standard poodle pup

    This is one of local bushwalks

    And this is four of the five dogs

    This little thing is da boss

    And this is the cat, with Harry

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