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Thread: Newb Needs Serious Pup Help

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    Hey guys

    Gus is going well. There's been a bit of a curve-ball in terms of him as a best-fit for this household - he's got quite a strong prey drive so I have to manage him closely around the cats. While I was away, hubby took the approach of allowing all the animals out together in the yard to 'sort it out themselves' and naturally that hasn't worked.

    However, Gus does behave well indoors - doing well with his toilet training and even though he'll bounce at the cats a bit indoors, I'm taking a really hands-on role with supervising him indoors so he behaves.

    He's going to puppy school in October for about 10 classes over the school term. He had his first walk last Friday and a walk a day ever since and he's pretty good on the lead - his natural inclination is to follow at my heels (how lucky am I??)

    Here he is this eveing, watching telly, with Turbo Diesel on the couch looking mildly unimpressed. :-)

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    He is sooooo cute!!!
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    I have a cat and a dog with a very strong prey drive. The cat definately lets pup know when she has had enough and has learnt not to run unless she wants to be chased under the bed. The pup is pretty good at leaving the cat alone but as you said you have to always keep one eye on them!!

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    Gus looks like a different dog.
    Yes Turbo Diesel doesn't look too happy.LOL

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    Soptthedog, I just re read your first post if you are in Vic can I ask which shelter you adopted Gus from?
    You don't have to answer if you don't want to, just curious.

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    Oh that is a brilliant photo! You can almost see Turbo Diesel's contempt in a cloud around his head, lol. Gus looks as if he is saying "Who me? Chase cats? Of course I wouldn't!".


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