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    I woke up this morning to a scream of ''damn puppy'' he had left a parcel outside my DIL bedroom, which she step in, of course... lol... I'm sorry but I can only laugh... Fonz's toilet training has been going very well... but the recent rain has slowed him down, little bugger doesn't like getting his feet wet..oh well the joys of living with a puppy...

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    I know all about that one...princess here doesn't get feet wet either, so she leaves her parcels on the pavers when it is raining

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    Oh its a bit nasty here when we have pups...
    The Italian Greyhound thinks that if the puppies can mess on their paper, she doesnt have to ask to go out either. Damn dog!! It is a life long exercise to house train an Iggy.

    Its funny when it is wet though. Chiko doesnt like to go out in the wet or cold, I dont blame him! So he will hold on all day until I kick him out before bed On days like those he will pee twice a day. When I kick him out of bed and when I kick him out before going back to bed lol If it was up to him he wouldnt go out at all!!! lol

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    Hello there,

    Please envy me. My not so perfect dogs again had no accidents despite of heavy rain in Sydney. I can trust them in that department. I did not skip walking either!!

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    Thank God I don't have that problem here!
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    lol, I can relate to the rain - when we got Teddy, our standard poodle pup, we had the rain putting him off going outside. Funny thing is now, I had to fence the frog ponds off to keep him from swimming in them and he LOVES to coat himself in mud in the backyard, so with all the recent rain in Sydney, he actually set off for the dog park today muddy and wet and came home having had a quick trip into the nearby river (clean) and dried off by running around, lol!

    I am pleased to say, after dedicated crate training, including sleeping out on the couch because the lounge is tiled and close to the back door, all three of our pups poo happily out in the rain and the two younger ones will only do the odd wee on a floor towel if we don't notice them sitting at the back door. So, persistence is the key.

    You know now I've posted this, I'll wake up swimming in dog spew or something, for boasting........


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