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Thread: My Puppy is 90% Housetrained but Not when We Go to Friends or Families Houses

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    Default My Puppy is 90% Housetrained but Not when We Go to Friends or Families Houses

    My Dachshund puppy is 15 wks old and 90% housetrained, she even knows to tap at the back door when she wants to go out. Of course we still have a few accidents.

    The problem is when i take her to a friends house or my parents and inlaws.

    She will start sniffing the carpet, or whining and looking uncomfortable if she's on a couch and can't get down. So i take her outside. She will then sniff everywhere for ages and no matter how much i get her to focus and i say toilet like i do at home she won't go to the toilet outside.

    Then once she's back inside she goes to the toilet like 5 minutes later.

    I've tried doing all the puppy training things that i did at home but for some reason as soon as she's at someone else's house it all goes out the window!

    I did a search on the forum and nothing came up so if this has already been asked sorry.

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    it's called generalising the training.

    Ie she's only toilet trained at home and not anywhere else.

    So it's crucial, like you did at home, not to let her back inside until she's performed. And not to talk to her (what do you mean "getting her to focus"?) until she has performed. If she comes up to you for a pat or whatever, ignore her, turn your back, don't make eye contact.

    I had this problem with my dog when she was little. We ended up rolling the carpet she liked to pee on up so she couldn't. This helped a bit. But what mainly helped was making sure she went outside not giving up and letting her back in before she had performed.

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