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Thread: Is It Normal for Puppy to Sleep All the Time?

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    Default Is It Normal for Puppy to Sleep All the Time?

    Hello everyone! I am new to this forum. Yesterday I picked up my new papillon puppy. It is the first time I had such a small dog!

    The last dogs I had from the puppy stage were large breeds (rottie, boxer) and it was a bit of a shock to see how small amd delicate she is (like, everything is mini-me!). My previous two dogs were incredibly active even when they were puppies (sleeps for an hour and then plays and then sleeps again).

    I would like to ask whether it is normal for a pup (10 weeks) to sleep all the time? She has not been awake since she pooped 6 hours ago. Apologies if it sounds a bit silly, but I am just a bit paranoid that she might be ill as she was still relatively active yesterday when we collected her from the breeder.

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    You have only just gotten her. Her entire world has up and changed on her and that can be very tiring. She will sleep it off and settle in for a few days then she will develop a patern. Dont worry too much Just keep an eye on her because when she does wake up she will need to go out to toilet asap
    Congratz on your new addition.

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    Did she have a long trip? if you just picked her up and do not live too far from the breeder it is certainly not normal at all, if she have a long trip from breeder to you then yes, she may be tired, or perhaprs if you played her out when you first got her, that might cause her to need extra sleep, but normally that breed is not so laid back ,usually pretty active little guys

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