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Thread: Getting a New Purebred Puppy and Possible Herpes Virus?

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    How did you choose this breeder? Did they make you pay a deposit?

    Do not take a sick or sickly puppy unless you are prepared for the vet bills and heartache.

    It was good of them to let you know there were problems, but a lot of other things don't sound right. Like the others said.

    herpes is a virus - there are different strains - from cold sores to dead liver. In humans some of these can be vaccinated against but antibiotic will not help.

    But it is also odd that the mother of the puppies seems to have gotten a bacterial infection - makes me think she was either injured or not cared for properly (living in squalor) during the pregnancy.

    Sometimes thinks like this happen due to bad luck, but the whole scenario seems unlikely and inconsistent to me.

    If you're not sure, maybe ring the RSPCA or someone at the kennel club in your state and ask them what they think.

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    if I knew my expensive purebred puppy was sick (or not quite right)...I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole...sorry

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    As hard as it may be I am incined to agree with everyone else. Unless you are prepared for the heartach and vet bills it would be better to let this one go.
    Speaking as a breeder who has sold potentially sick puppies, we got pavo here when I had a litter and we lost all but two of the pups, if your breeder is worth anything they will understand that you can not put yourself through that. I was completly candid with my buyers, I told them everything including the risk of health issues down the track, I gave a huge discount on the off chance they would need more vet work and I continue to work closely with those people who took the pups. BUT if they had turned around and said they didnt want to take on the hassles I would have understood. Its one thing when a sale falls through just because the buyer cant make their mind up, or doesnt like the terms, etc, but it is entirly understandable if it falls through because the pup is not healthy enough to meet the families expectations.
    IF you are looking for a fully healthy little dog that can always run around and do everything you want for the next 15 years, then do not get this pup. I have no doubt you would love it and do everything for it but to get it out of obligation would only hurt you and minimise your chances/desire to get another dog. It is hard to go through something like that, put all the time, money and love into a dog, live with the fear that you are going to loose them today or tomorrow or next week, and still come out whole on the other side. It can be done, but it is a hard thing to get back from.
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    anti-biotics are not used for Herpes. Herpes is a virus and not addressed therefor with a drug that kills bacteria.

    Buy elsewhere. You are being misled is my impression.

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