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Thread: Toilet Trained Puppy Not Toilet Trained

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    He hides from you because he thinks what he is doing is wrong. So he is scared to do it in front of you.

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    Could be the breeder who originally 'toilet trained' him started the hiding behaviour - the misconception that puppies should be scolded or worse for accidents that happen inside is unfortunately pretty widespread.

    But the above is good advice, keep an eye on him whenever you can, praise him heaps for going outside and ignore if he goes inside. And pick a toileting command, whether it's 'toilet', 'widdle', 'wee wee' or whatever you're comfortable with, as long as you keep it consistent. I'm toilet training an adult dog and I take her outside for about 5 minutes every hour, might need to be more frequent for a puppy.

    The reason you shouldn't use bleach is because it's an ammonia-based cleaner, the same compound is found in urine so it can reinforce the idea that that is the spot to pee in. Try spraying with a bit of vinegar after you clean up, it acts as a repellant and neutralises the ammonia in the wee.

    Good luck

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    all my dogs were trained with "go Pee". we would take them out on the leash and say "go Pee" and when they did we made a big fuss about it. We taught Diesel to go on the back varanda. Because he got Parvo and was not allowed in the yard till he he had his final vax, well 2 weeks later. After he was allowed back into the yard we locked off the varenda so he could no longer use it as a toilet. He now wakes my OT to be let out if he needs to "go Pee" through the night.

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    Pretty wakes OH too and not me. Very well trained lol.

    Next time he goes fishing my female 8 month old will be tried out in the house all night.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    Just one thing to think of, you need to say whatever word you will use for 'toilet' as soon as the pup goes to squat, to pee or do his bussines, not before, not after timing is utterly essential to get the fastest and best results. Still have patience, and pups do not feel shy, if you have not yelled at him the prior owner has.

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