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Thread: Deposit Paid

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    Red, if you haven't been to a dog show before the Melbourne Show probably isn't the best place to start. From a show persons perspective I can tell you royals are STRESSFUL for the owners... it's a very prestigious show and most of the time is not done like a normal show.

    I'd start of by going along to a nice country show and having a look, much more relaxed and people ill have more time to have a chat with you

    Good luck, hope your tax check comes back quick smart!

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    Kenji is a fine looking young man !!!

    Congratulations Red...  14

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    Congrats Red He is very cute and I bet you and your daughter are very excited

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    Congratulations on your new puppy.

    I will second Crested and say by all means go and have a look at your breed at the Royal as you will see them in greater numbers, but remember as she said it is run differently from regular shows so you will not get an idea of the process & procedure.

    I suggest you speak to them a good hour after they have been in the ring, or several hours before they are to go in as there is some preparation involved with this breed, exhibitors also have to get changed etc and have been up at a most ridiculous hour of the morning as there is a benching time for royals.

    As you look at the dogs look for ones with the same prefix as yours and speak to these people, they will be the ones more likely to help you.

    But remember most exhibitors are a little distracted at the Royal, I went to Melbourne Royal last year as my boy was in the Puppy Age Group and by the end of the day I was so over it and so was he.

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    Default deposit paid

    Congrats on the news of your puppy!

    Re - deposits on puppies - we paid a deposit on our standard poodle pup once we had gone through the initial discussions with the breeder. Basically, he had to be sure we were the right family and we wanted to be sure Teddy was the right dog. First contact was via internet and phone, but then we fortunate to be in the same state for a meet and greet after that. We were able to access all Teddy's breeding details and family. An ideal experience and we are still in contact with them all the time, sharing little anecdotes on what the puppy is up to.


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    Went to visit my tax man yesterday and i should get a tax return in approx 2wks time,at which time i can pay the remainder owing on Kenji

    I had hoped that a friend of mine would take me to the Melb airport and pick him up but she wont drive in Melbourne,so now i am stuck and looking at pet transport services,or hiring a local taxi. Taxi cost is like $300 which is nothing to me,i will pay that,as long as i can get Kenji home safe at the end of the month.

    Crossing fingers that thru the week i can get a transport organised on an approximate day,then i can confirm a day as the time gets closer.

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    SO cute!!

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    Kenji is gorgeous!


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    Its now one week since i put my tax stuff in,well 6 days but near enough to a week haha. Have had a bit of trouble in organizing transport from Melbourne airport to gippsland,so asked Tim (the breeder) if he organizes to my door delivery,and he does. So got a quote for that,and i will be having Kenji delivered to my door All i have to do is sit here and wait for my baby. Will start calling my tax man from Tuesday next week (just in case my return is in early ya know ) and as soon as i see that hit my account,i can then transfer costs to the breeder,and delivery can be arranged and i will be given a date and approximate time
    In approx 2wks (give or take several days) i will have my new baby boy

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    Woot woot!! Kenji is stunning!! I bet you can't wait to have him home finally!

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