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Thread: Intro and Crate Training Question - Long

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    When I had a litter of 7 puppies earlier this year, (no it wasn't freezing) I would get up and take all 7 out to toilet when I heard them on the newspaper. They were in a large C-Crate and could toilet away from their sleeping area but preferred not to & I thought this was a good start for their prospective new owners.

    However they were returned straight to the crate the minute they had finished. Ignored and I went back to bed.

    Regardless whether it was freezing or not I would do the same, they have each other for company and body warmth and provided they have blankets and the crate is covered they should resettle and be nice and warm.

    But if your happy to have them in bed with you afterwards that's fine everyone has their own rules and expectancy from their dogs.

    If I can't watch a puppy during the day then it is put outside. The more times it goes to the toilet on it's own outside the better. Toilet training is best dealt with repetition.

    Good luck with your little pack and please don't forget to post some pictures.

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    Default thanks and update on the pack

    Hey there "Mouse and Chicken" !

    I loved that you called my guys my little pack, because it really is like that, lol.

    What is working really well is a crate with a play-pen with newspaper down. When we go out, this is set up in the lounge room and at night, in the bedroom. As someone else said, they seem to happily toilet outside the crate on the paper, although they still cry when they are about to go! We are now successfully going out for a short time using this set up as well, with the older puppy in his crate next to them and kongs all round. The kongs distract everyone while we are making leaving noises and they seem to ignore us actually going. We've stopped the car around the corner and snuck up to the house and no whining to be heard. Haven't had the guts to approach the neighbours yet, lol. They still think we only have three, I think.......

    We still can't resist having the puppies in bed for a cuddle in the early hours of the morning and they wake up and cry to go to the toilet whether they are in the bed or in the crate. Of course, there is a pretty small window to get them outside before puddles happen!

    There are times when I think I must be insane to have this many dogs, but mostly it is very rewarding and once the puppies are fully vaccinated, we will be able to walk off a bit more energy and visit our local dog park. The kids and I also want to do really long bush walks where dogs are allowed off-leash in the future.

    I'm on photobucket, so I'll go and put some pics on there and post links here.

    I would be very interested in everyone's opinions on what the two rotty cross puppies are crossed with and also what our big brindle boy is. The shelter said bull mastiff x great dane, but I am starting to think not. He is like a really muscular, stocky greyhound with a ridgeback or hound head.

    Anyway, off to photobucket........


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    Default photos of the gang

    Hey there,

    here are some pics of my guys......


    Oh and please speculate on breed crosses for the big un and two littlest uns.......

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    Default more pics

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    What beautiful puppies.

    It's too hard to say what breeds are in the dogs. When we were kids we just used to call them a "Heinz" variety. Today I like the term mixed bag of lollies.

    X-breeds, even purebreds can throw back to maternal or paternal sides of the family tree.

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    Default cross breed puppies

    You're right, it IS impossible to know for sure what cross breeds are unless, I guess, you are the one who has bred them in the first place from purebreds.

    The vet nurse thinks the two pups are rotty x shepherd - they definately have rotty in them. The girl has started to look a bit more shepherd like, but the boy looks very rotty, although he has a much taller, slimmer frame than his sister.

    I reckon the big un has some kind of hound in him, or ridgeback - he is very athletic and agile for such a big dog and he jumps like a horse!

    Anyway, we know the poodles are poodles, lol!

    Thanks for admiring my babies.....


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    Don't know about breeds but mnaaaaaw what a cute pack!

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    I'm not sure what breeds they are, but they are very cute

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    Default Thanks guys

    Awwww, thanks so much for the love..... I think they're pretty darned special too.


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