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Thread: Advice on Boston Terriers?

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    Default Advice on Boston Terriers?

    Hello All
    I hope I am posting in the right section.

    My husband and I would like to get a puppy, we want to make sure we make an educated decision and I would like to know some more about Boston Terriers? From my google searches it seems to be a good breed to match us and our lifestyle.

    However I am a bit concerned about the possible breathing and eye problems. Has this dog been bred for looks at the expense of it's health or is a legitimate breed? Could anyone recommend a reputable breeder, or a similar breed?

    I'm willing to learn and will happily choose another type of dog if it's the more responsible choice


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    I know nothing about Boston Terriers but you are doing all the right things by researching the breed and asking alot of questions. I think your next step would be trying to contact a few different breeders and asking them. A good breeder can breed problems out of dogs. Another idea would be to go to a dog show. You will see the best Boston Terriers there and they will have alot of contacts.
    Lots of luck on your puppy finding journey!!!

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    Hi pennygb.

    I do know a lovely breeder of Bostons. From my experience with them they are: outgoing, cuddle-mad, full of life, think they're bigger than they are... ummm. The list goes on. They really are awesome little dogs. I have never seen them have difficulty breathing, or heard of eye problems in the lines of the breeders I've known.

    I can put you in touch with this breeder if you like - just let me know and I can PM you their details. What State are you in?

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    Thanks Iscot136 & Nattylou for your replies.

    I had never thought of checking out dog shows, great idea and I will be sure to contact some breeders. I suppose what I have read re breathing and eye problems is more of warning about what can happen if you don't go through the right channels.

    Nattylou we are based in Perth, WA. I would love details of the breeder you know thank you!

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    A good list of breeders.
    Boston Terrier Breeders, Australia
    Make sure you chose a reputable breeder, (not newspaper ads) a registered, responsible, reputable breeder will make the chances of breathing difficulties lower than a 'back yard breeder' will.
    Education not Legislation

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    Thanks everyone

    I have contacted some breeders with some questions so fingers crossed they reply.

    aussiemyf7 thank you, until I joined this forum I was quite ignorant regarding bybs and puppy mills - I had been told pet shops were bad but never realized the full extent of the issue. Maybe people should apply for a dog licence before they get a dog so that they are fully aware of their choice?

    Nattylou I got your PM thank you! I have contacted the person you suggested (with a rather a long email lol)

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    Fingers crossed for you finding a pup Pennygb!

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    Default Please help ... Boston Terrier breeder in Perth?

    Hello Nattylou and Pennygb,

    My partner and I also live in Perth and are trying to find a boston terrier breeder to find a new addition to our family.

    I have been searching, but I am struggling to find a local breeder. I saw your posts and was hoping that you would be able to please share the breeder's contact information?

    Thanks and have a great weekend, : )

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    Hi Johonna. I don't know of any in WA. But you can try contacting some of the breeders based in the eastern states here:

    Boston Terrier Breeders, Australia

    and ask them to point you in the direction of WA breeders.

    This page: Boston Terrier - Breeders - Puppies - Australia also has links to the eastern states breed clubs who may also be able to help you find someone closer to home.

    Good luck with puppy searching! Don't give up if you can't find breeders in WA, transporting pups by air is very common these days and not too expensive so getting one from afar can be easier than you think.

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    Hi Johonna

    We ended up going through an interstate breeder, from what I found there were no reputable breeders in Perth (happy to be corrected, that's just what I found through my searching). I will PM you the details of who we went with.

    Our pup actually arrives tomorrow! So you do need to be patient if you are after a boston terrier :-) we can't wait to meet him and I'm sure I'll be back on this forum with lots of questions and pictures soon.

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