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Thread: Whether to Get a New Puppy or Not.

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    Smile Whether to Get a New Puppy or Not.

    Hi guys...

    I have a beautiful staffordshire bull terrior, she's about 19 months old... she's adorable, I'm totally in love with her. Shes really intelligent, great with kids and learns things really quickly. ( she toilet trained herself within about 5 weeks of having her) The only time she is ever outside or by herself is when we are at work, she sleeps on a bed next to our bed.

    My questions is this.... We'd really like to get another staffy... another girl... We've been talking to breeders around the area, and have found a new pup that we would like. BUT the big questions is whether this would be the right thing for Peppa... She loves other dogs.... but I dont want her getting jealous, or resentful towards the puppy.

    Is 19 months a good age gap? Do you think she will become jealous?

    Thanks for the help,


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    I think 19 months is a good gap.

    I guess you have to ask yourself; do you really think both you and your dog would benefit from the arrival of another?

    I have six dogs, I know they enjoy each others company, especially when I'm not around but I'm sure all bar one would be just as happy to have me all to themselves.

    One thing I do always say to people is; does your current dog walk nicely on a lead, because walking two pulling dogs is hard. Do you have the car to accommodate a second dog, think about holidays and things like that.

    A well socialised dog does love the company of a canine friend, but it's hard to be sure other than to have puppies visit your house to know how you current dog will react.
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    Red face

    Thanks for the reply.

    Weve thought about most of these things, yes weve got a big car, and my parents live around the corner so holidays dont matter too much..
    Peps fantastic on the lead. And we had another girl staffy who used to live next door, Pep loved playing with her through the fence, and loved having her come visit and vice versa...


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    Just so long as your parents are prepared to take TWO SBT while you holiday, your prepared for the extra food, vet bills, the possibility that sometimes a young puppy in the house can entice the current dog back into some silly or naughty puppy behaviour and your sure your current dog will enjoy the company then.....

    Find a good breeder that will offer you support and has a return policy should things not work out as you'd hoped.

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    Thanks alot... Its funny, I never thought that this would be such as big decision!!!

    I'll keep thinking for a little while. I'll keep in mind about a breeder who would be happy to take the pup back if it didnt work out. Trying never hurt i guess.

    Honestly, shes a beautiful dog, I cant imagine there will be much of a problem for her.

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    I'd also recommend making sure that whatever breeder you go with tests for known genetic problems, I'll leave that to the SBT enthusiasts on the forum to explain.

    Is Peppa desexed? I'm asking because 2 entire females can become well, umm, b*tchy towards each other. In fact it can happen with 2 desexed females too. Not always, but SBTs are powerful dogs.

    Peppa sounds like your typical sooky SBT, they are such a lovely breed, I'm not surprised you want to add another one to your family...double the love!

    Lots of SBT owners on here that can help guide you. What area do you live, they might be able to recommend some reputable breeders.

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    Yeah Pep's desexed, and the new one will be too.

    We're in Newcastle. The breeder that we are getting the new one from (well maybe) is actually the same breeder that we got pep from, so this will be her sister.

    I have heard that 2 girls can be a little narkey towards one another.

    And Yeah Peppa's a typical sooky sbt.. Sooky doesnt cover it... haha

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