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Thread: Advice on a Broken Leg Please

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    We got our two Staffys a couple of weeks ago Ruby and Frodo, and Ruby broke her leg yesterday. I cannot begin to explain how heartbreaking it is to see her wiith her splint trying to get's her back leg (the knee got damaged, I think our equivalent to the patella). They are 16 weeks old now and a common Staffy injury apparently.
    I saw a post on here about a Staffy with a broken leg a while ago but I can't find it now.
    I was just wondering what do we do to occupy her safely. They sleep in seperate crates (thankfully). I gave her a bone today but am wondering is it okay for her to chew on that for a few hours a day (say at hourly intervals). We have had her out to have a laze in the garden but as much as she wants to have a play, she can't. I guess the more rest she has, the better the recovery (as with humans). Our garden is down some stairs and the area she likes to go to the loo in, means getting over rocks so we have to lift her up and down the stairs and up and down the rocks. It is just complicated by having two pups.
    One of us will be here constantly for her 4 week recovery. It is just a few ideas of what to give her really. Plus, to avoid her gnawing on the bandage. We take them into the lounge in the evenings.
    Today, I have had her in for rests in her crate intermittently and then just kept Frodo from knocking her while she has had a sniff around. I just feel so helpless and it hasn't helped for me to be crying my eyes out. Our hearts are just going out to her. Also, I am wondering what extra help ,food wise, we can give to help her mend. We feed her Royal Canin Junior.
    I will appreciate every bit of help as we are still a bit too emotional to think straight.

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    Time to go to a big pet barn or such and have a look for different types of kongs and other food interactive toys, chew toys, squeaky toys and such.

    Also might be worth investing in a C-Crate or something so she can have some time out in the garden but in a confined area (maybe not just yet, but in a week or so), I'm sure it won't be a waste of money.

    Can you take her out on a leash and see if she will go to the toilet in a more accessible part of the lawn?

    I've not had too much trouble with chewing bandages etc but for furniture I often put petroleum jelly and then sprinkle caynne pepper on it as strong smells give me a headache, so I find this a better option for me.

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    Luckily I haven't had to deal with this (and hope I never will), but yes rest rest and more rest....exercise should be done whilst on lead, and preferably on level ground. If she's happy in her crate chewing on a bone then let her.

    Poor wee girl, and poor you, it's going to be a tough few weeks for you all, will send lots of healing vibes for a successful recovery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleasanta View Post
    It was me...our Staffy girl Ruby fractured her left back knee resulting in surgery and pins inserted...this happened at 4 1/2 months.

    We kept her secure from Sumo (he was 7 months)...he spent time outside, while she would be inside with us getting her "special time". Then Sumo would come in...she would be separated in her crate and pen area. This went on for 6 weeks.

    We bought her loads of chew toys to keep her occupied.

    Good is NOT easy to keep a Staffy puppy me....I know
    Thank you. I remember she fell off your bed. Where did you have the pen Cleasanta? Are these pens quite mobile? We just have their crates side by side in the kitchen at the moment. Yesterday, she had a lay out in the sun and a sniff around, I was with her the whole time to make sure that Frodo didn't pester her. Frodo just saw it as an opportunity to get into her crate, thinking she has a better one. He is also insisting on getting his fair share off lap time too. I was just wondering if even this bit of walking and sniffing around is too much. I just don't want to hinder or delay her recovery.

    I shall get armed with chews. What about the other dog? If Frodo sees her chewing for hours, he will be distraught and just be peering into her crate whimpering. If I put him outside, he will just do the same through the sliding door. Do we get the same for him? He is so lonesome without his play mate. I guess I have just answered my own question there!

    We had to make our mind up yesterday about having that op but were told that it may have complications ie splitting the bone in two and then we would have worse problems, Plus, the vet said, we won't know for a while, if there is any damage done to the cartilage, in which case the op would not have served any purpose. I am feeling so bad about deciding not to go ahead because it seemed like 50/50 either way, well in fact more risk by gaving the op. I wish we could know we made the right decision and I wish I could have found you yesterday morning before we had made up our minds. With the splint the vet says she will heel and need ligament surgery at some point down the line. Knowing now that your Ruby had it done and it was a success, I am feeling so very bad for saying no to the op. I so hope we have done the right thing for her.

    Serves us right for not having the pet insurance. Our darling little Ruby will cost us a small fortune with the problems she will have down the line with this leg. I shall put up another post re insurance after I have had a quick search first.

    Thanks again for your help.

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