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Thread: Advice for Going on Holiday Without Puppy?

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    Question Advice for Going on Holiday Without Puppy?


    We have a family function overseas later this year which we are debating over whether we should attend as it means we would have to kennel our pup.

    He will be about 9months old by this time so just wanted to get some opinions on:

    1. Whether he is too young to be left at a kennel

    2. If we can leave him, any recommendations for kennels in the Vic metro area.
    I found this one on the internet; Dog Boarding Kennels & Dog Minding at DogsBedandBreakfast Melbourne and thought they sounded quite good.

    We would be away for two weeks at the most.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    It really depends on what you want for your dog and what your dog is use to. If he is a family dog it is worth it to look for a minder family who, being well recomended, will take him into their family and look after him like that for you. But do make sure they have referances who you can call to find out what they are like and if they are used to looking after a dog like yours.
    There are some good kennels, some that have a lot of interaction with the dogs not just leave them in their kennels. I do not put dogs into kennels, I own my own (more like yards than anything), but most public kennels are enclosed and the dogs face eachother which can accually be detrimental to the dogs if they are not entirly confident. And if they are used to almost constant human contact it is a shock to be left with only dogs most of the time. If you needed to use a kennel later I would wait until after the 12month mark, that way he has full vacination and should be a little more confident in himself.

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