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Thread: Cavachon Puppies

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    Hi, this is my first time using this forum. I currently have a Cavachon puppy that we got from Freedom Kennels. I know terrible but I didnt realise how bad they were until it was too late. Anyway we have had a little bit of trouble with her but she is fine now. I want to buy another Cavachon puppy as I think she needs a friend, and I know what everyone thinks about cross breed dogs, however my puppy is the most beautiful natured dog I have met, and I have had other pure breed dogs. She is so affectionate, playful and is great with children. Anyway have found this breeder called Adora ble De signe r Pupp ie Bree ders at and I was hoping to get some feedback about them so I dont have the same problems again. Also I was wanting a smaller sized dog and they breed teacup dogs!
    Thanks heaps
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    what is a cavachon?

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    That web (adorable puppies) site "rings a bell" with me. I think they're a "puppy mill" from memory. A friend recently wanted a Bison & sent me that web site. They wouldn't let her on the property to inspect.

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    The Cavachon is a mix between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Bichon.

    Designer Puppy Breeders!

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    I don't know, but something about this rings alarm bells...

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    ok so not sounding too good! Can someone please clarrify puppie mill to me again! thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chanel View Post
    ok so not sounding too good! Can someone please clarrify puppie mill to me again! thanks
    Puppy mill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    well thats not what I am wanting to go through again. Does any one know a really good Bichon breeder then? I need the hypo-alegenic fur as much as I love cavaliers, its the reason we went with the cross in the first place.

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    Why not get a rescue? There's heaps of "designer dogs" in every shelter in the country.

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    We lcome to Ador able P uppies

    ohhh dear.. the amount of different cross mixes had my head / brain going WTF....

    I just cant get my head around the stupid excuses for deliberate cross breeding, the one about woolen fur has me thinking.. what a load of marketing bullsh!t, done just to pull in unwise new owners i bet
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