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Thread: Advice Please on 2 Puppies Playtime

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    ive heard staffies are very noisy play fighters and very rough they love it! so you never know it could be they are sorting out whos [/B]boss (so let them (with in reason)) or it could be staffies being staffies


    I agree with your words.. my beloved breed are very vocal & very rough when they play fight & they sure do enjoy it.

    In the eyes of some non SBT folk it may seem like they are seriously fighting & i can understand why they may think that tho...

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    where did you think ive heard it from????

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    The playing with our two often resorts to them stripping their teeth and the snarling goes up several notches. Is this still okay? I feel as if they are training themselves to be fighting dogs. I am fine to let them battle it out if that is what's right but I am just so worried that allowing them to get to such extremes is going to make them dangerous. Or is it the brother sister thing that is making it worse? If that is the case, will it sort itself out when they decide who is boss? I just can't see either giving in at the moment though.

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    With most siblings it does settle down once they get older. However no one can really tell. And if two dogs are going to squabble over something it will be the siblings.

    Something that I do is build their individuality. I might do this by taking them on separate walks as well as walks together. Letting one sleep in side and one out and alternating this. I do this with all my dogs regardless throughout their entire lives.

    Get large toys, so that they don't clash mouths with each other. It sounds simple but one thing I've noticed is that a fight can start often over a toy when one accidentally clips the others mouth or lips.

    Squeak toys are great for diverting attention in the heat of the moment with puppies, but won't work when they get older.

    Exercise in short bursts throughout the day (remember they're puppies), but as they grow increase this.

    My two puppies sleep and eat together, but believe me they can have good squabbles - snarling, teeth bared but no blood drawn. They are sorting it out.

    The whole litter squabbled amongst themselves from time to time but still crashed and slept together, shared bones etc.

    They show very good social skills with other dogs, especially older dogs, so the squabbling is purely sibling related in my case, look at how your puppies are reacting to other dogs.

    As I've said before keeping two puppies from the same litter or even the same age is not something I would do if I was looking for a good pet.

    Have you spoken to the breeder and got their suggestions? For breeders it's often not such a big problem because they have other dogs as well so the puppies can be split and put with other dogs, often older, but I image you took on two puppies so that they are company for each other?

    Stay at puppy pre-school and keep their socialisation and obedience training up.

    I remember when I met up with one of my Gordon Setter puppy's siblings for a play date when they were about 10 weeks old. A big fight broke out. We pulled them apart and put them on leads. Met up again a couple of weeks later and they were fine with each other. We stayed in touch for about 3 years.
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    Sorry for the delay in thanking you for your replies. Yes, we did get them as company for one another. On hindsight, now we know perhaps it wasn't the best idea but we are there now and love them both dearly. We have taken your advice on the seperation idea. Today, I am taking one out for a walk while my OH does some training at home and then we shall do the same in reverse. The sleeping apart has been impossible though, even for naps in the day.
    The squeky toy definately breaks up a scuffle when it gets a bit rough.
    I have posted a question about when we are at work and would appreciate your thoughts please. You have had such good words of wisdom so far.

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