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Thread: Puppy Who Won't Calm Down Whilst in Playpen

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    Hi Everyone,

    Having lost our 14yo bichon/maltese to liver cancer just before Christmas last year, we have now attempted to put on our puppy training hats and purchased a bichon/poodle cross from a lovely lady nearby.

    He's a nice little pup, full of fun and energy as every pup should be!!

    However - at night time he is doing my head in.

    We have instituted a playpen so he can be safe, but with us when I can't supervise his interaction with the kids. In the playpen is his bed (just a doggy cushion thing), a plastic mat just in case, a chewy toy, a teddybear and his water. He has room to either lie in bed or lie out on the plastic mat. During the day he will accept being put in the playpen and after a couple of whimpers etc will sort himself out and lie quietly.

    During the night he sorts himself out after a lot more whimpering and goes to sleep once I put him in at about 10, 10.30pm. At about 5am he wakes and obviously wants to go to the toilet because if I don't take him out, there's a puddle in the morning! Once he has toileted, I put him straight back in the playpen and go back to bed. From whenever this waking is until I get out of bed to get the kids organised, he whimpers, cries, howls and keeps everyone awake! He has now also figured out he can get out of the playpen by jumping/scrabbling up the side. Unfortunately, just shutting the doors on the lounge/dining room does not contain him because we have stupid sliding doors which he can nudge open with repeated effort.

    I am ignoring the noise. If he gets out to the rest of the house I just pick him up and put him back in the playpen without speaking (then reclose the doors etc).

    What am I doing wrong? Should I change anything? Or, as I keep telling myself is it just a phase?

    He gets lots of play sessions and will fall asleep at my feet if I don't notice and put him to bed early enough!



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    Sorry for your loss of your old pooch.

    And congrats on the new member of the family...welcome to puppy hood

    It sounds like you are doing everything right...just persistance!! Hopefully he'll get the idea that he has to go back to bed for a while after his morning toileting. If there anyway you can leave him outside alone? Let him out for the toilet and just leave him out there to snoop around safely for a coulpe of hours?

    My pup likes to jump on the back door and whinge @ sunrise for her breakky!!!...I just bang on the door or stomp on the floor and tell her to be quiet (after ME waking up the rest of the )...she is starting to listen and eventually goes back to bed untill she can hear that we are up!

    Best of luck

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    I had hoped after 7 days of us ignoring his noise he might have got the idea

    The little blighter is jumping up at the corner of the playpen (it's modular, but I joined it into a rectangle) and see-sawing his body until he can fall/drop over the other side! I think I'd better re-join the playpen to be more octagonal and see if that fixes his little red wagon

    I have just finished the final puppy-proofing of our backyard, so tomorrow morning it's outside with him! His new kennel has also arrived, so maybe if I hide a few doggy-treats in there he'll find them and be occupied!!

    Thanks for your reply!


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    Good ideas. I agree perhaps outside in a safe environment with toys, chewies etc after toileting, he is ready for action by the sounds of it!

    Then back inside at a reasonable hour to cherish and conect with his people


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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy View Post
    Good ideas. I agree perhaps outside in a safe environment with toys, chewies etc after toileting, he is ready for action by the sounds of it!

    Then back inside at a reasonable hour to cherish and conect with his people

    I agree too. Early morning is certainly doggie activity time. It also may be a good chance to let him have time alone occupying himself for a little while so he gets used to that a he gets older.

    Hope you enjoy him - he sounds very cute!

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    I would also be thinking about a pen with a lid - a crate.
    THat way you can put him back, he cant get out and you cover the top with a towel and go back to bed
    My dogs know that when i am asleep, so are they.
    They dont wake me unless it is to go to the toilet, then they go straight back to bed.
    I crate trained mine since 8 weeks and they have been sleeping in since they were 6 months without having to go to the loo first thing then get put back. In fact now i have to drag them outside! they like sleeping in!
    Love your dog the BEST you can TODAY because they could be GONE TOMORROW

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    Hey reb
    We had pretty much the same problem with our little guy. He was in the laundry and we would take him out in the morning for toilet them go back to bed but he would stay awake and cry and cry aswell.

    We talked to the puppy tainer down by us and she said to invest in a puppy crate. BEST THING WE EVER DID!!! She told us to put a blanket over the crate as well because because he can see light he thinks he should be up and awake. Something to do with natural sleeping patterns or something. But anyway we started using the crate and putting a blanket over and pretty soon when we put him back in his crate with the blanket back over he just went straight back to sleep.

    Also when you take him out to the toilet make sure you don't play with him or anything just take him out then put him back in so he doesn't wake up too much.

    Hope this helps

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