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Thread: New Puppy Here! Need Advice Please!

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    Do you realize that everytime you go to your pup to correct him, let him in etc it is like giving him praise for his behaviour? He thinks he is doing the right thing as it has mum come to him & give him cuddles.

    If it was me I'd be doing a big NO! and putting him into a crate so he would learn that the silly, noisy actions don't get cuddles. Leave him until he is quiet then give him huge amounts of cuddles & tell him just how good he is. Hard to do but in the end it is worth it. Otherwise you could end up with a dog suffering from seperation anxiety as he grows.

    I'd be going & getting him a nice sized crate that will last him for his lifetime, remember he will grow, that he will be able to lay down in fully grown, stand & turn around in, and introducing him to it now.

    I don't beleive in leaving them locked up in them for hours at a time, just because you can and wouldn't for the time you are at work BUT I'd crate train him & have it in an area, shaded, out of the weather, where he can get into it during the day when he wants to.

    All mine are crate trained, and have been since they were just babies.
    They never travel unless they are crated, and really don't like getting ito a car without being in one. Think its like putting on a seatbelt for them. Yes do have crates in the car as a fixture as well as their "home" ones.
    They get crated to eat, then I know who is eating what at mealtime and can see if any are off their food etc.
    Their crates are left open with beds inside, except at mealtime or if I need to crate them for some reason such as being really naughty. Then a command of "crate" sends them running to hop in.

    It is not unusual to find one or more have gone into them during the day to sleep or just to have some peace from the rest of the guys here. They give them a safe quiet spot they can call their own. And they have free run of the house & yard.

    When we go to shows, obedience the dogs sit happily in their crates, or trolleys for the time we are there, unless in the ring or getting taken for a walk for toilet breaks.
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