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Thread: Should I or Should I Not?

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    Default Should I or Should I Not?

    I am going to move into a house which allows pets .
    I have always wanted to have a dog....

    I love german shepz, golden retr and cocker spanz.

    I work long hours like 8-7pm..and I am confused if I should get a puppy or not..
    I know its a responsibility.(big one)..
    I have no idea how to train dogs... no idea how to take care of one.. but not something I can't learn..

    I am so confused..

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    Is there anyone else living with you?
    maybe look into doggy day care? or pet sitter to check up on pup daily..
    be an idea to plan some annual leave to settle the new member in 1-2weeks so u can slowly start to leave the house for increased amounts of time...
    leaving young pups isn't highly recommended, they can crash fast!.
    perhaps rescue 6mnth old pup?
    make sure you puppy proof.. have a safe and secure area for him/her, a big kennel so him/her can be safe and dry etc

    ETA: training: puppy pre-school! here and on the net.
    with long hours it's a hard one.. to do this by your self I would say no.. maybe a cat (bit more independent)
    but with pet sitters and doggy day cares now around, it will be a must..
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    To be honest that's a long day for a puppy to be on its own. Puppies can be very destructive and this is always a problem with rentals.

    Then there is the other fear what happens when you move??? Do you have enough money to board the dog while you find another pet friendly rental, do you have family it could stay with??

    I'll be brutally honest here and say that I would not sell you one of my puppies because the three things together.... renting, long work hours and novice dog owner all add up to possible problems.

    You may be more suited to offer your home to a geriatric rescue. An older Greyhound maybe, though I'm not sure how greyhound rescues feel about rentals (others on the site will be able to answer that).

    Keep thinking about it and make sure you cover all the possibles before you make any decisions.

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    yeh, I think i will postpone the puppy

    thanks for helping me decide guys

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    Post Pone the puppy would be the best in my opinion..

    Especially considering your work hours.

    Keep your chin up, one day it will happen.

    Perhaps you could consider getting a pup when you have say 4-6 weeks off work? That way you have time to bond, train, and allow the pup to get used to you being away for a couple of hours.

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