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    Hi everyone,
    I am new to this forum, and I am seeking advice about a problem I have with my poodle.
    She is our little baby, and is about 9 months old, (toy poodle) and is a house dog.She stays in at nights, and the first thing I do when I wake up is to put her out the back yard, then slowly as my eyes adjust to waking up, I look around the house to see if she has done anything she shouldnt have done.
    The only ANNOYING habit she has is she poops in the house.
    We take her outside into the back yard to run and jmp etc, but she still manages to poop in the house.
    At least now she does her business mainly in the bathroom.
    The last time as only about an hour ago.
    She isnt a DUMB dog, and knows when she has done wrong.
    Has she made the bathroom HER toilet?
    How can we fix this problem.

    Hope some one can help..

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    Before I say anything else can I ask what you do when you find it ?
    How do you react towrds her?
    How have you implemented toilet training from the beginning?

    Please forgive me for asking questions instead of offering advice but this particular problem is almost always the humans fault ( absolutely no insult/offence meant!) and as such it helps to have an idea of further dynamics before attempting advise
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    I have a similar problem with my puppy 6 month old xpoodle she comes inside to wee was getting better till the really hot weather when she revertedagain.
    I have tried everything and nothing was working, she is also a smart dog and today she started searching me out to wee near me and watching me when she finished she walks to the backdoor as we take her otside after acidents/
    Attenton seeking behaviuor much!!
    hope you have more luck with your puppy

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    Hi Tattwo!

    I am assuming your bub is only pooing overnight from your OP?

    If so i would change her feeding times. If you are feeding her evenings change it to mornings and vice versa.

    Many dogs need a good 20 min's or so for poos so please allow her that time.

    Other than that i would crate train her overnight. You can buy some lovely soft crates now for indoors.

    Ensure you read up on how to crate train your puppy before starting.

    I have no doubt in my mind she is not silly just needing some guidence and support.

    Great to her she is so loved and an indoors babe

    Good luck and let us know how you get along.


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