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Thread: Toilet Training Casey

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    Default Toilet Training Casey

    I don't understand, just when I think she understands, she wee's and sometimes poo's inside.

    She doesn't go in the backyard as we let some decent sized snakes out there before we got her. We also have a pool and she can fit through the pool gates.

    She doesn't poo inside as much as she wee's, but it's like she waits for us to mop the floor, then come inside to wee. When we first got her, she knew to go outside (I assume it was because she was an outside pup), and she DOES sometimes go outside, but she wee's inside more.

    She goes in the front yard (I know it doesn't sound good, but there is a pretty decent space from our front door to the road, and we live on a quiet street and she knows not to go past the car. She LOVES the outside! She's out there most of the day, so I just don't understand why she comes inside to wee??????
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    Back to basics Ferrero. Every meal, every hour at the most, every wake, after every play, pop her outside. Can she access any yard at all times?

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    What are you cleaning up with?

    Cos bleach will make a scent that still smells like a good spot to pee to a dog.

    You need vinegar diluted in water (about 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water) and/or bicarb soda, and maybe an after squirt of lavender water (2 or 3 drops in a litre? of water of the expensive lavender oil - contains no alcohol).

    I don't get how she is "outside all day" but in the front yard. Is the front yard fully fenced? She may not feel safe enough to do anything in the front yard. Are you walking her lots like twice a day, some dogs save up for walks and some dogs refuse to go at all on walks.

    Also teach her to sit and/or bark at the door where she goes out before you let her out. Then she will learn when she wants to go out, that's what she needs to do to get your attention. And you need to pay more attention to what she's doing inside. If you can't you need to crate her while she is inside - to confine any accidents to one spot or teach her it's not ok to go pee/poo inside. And then she's completely dependent on you to let her out and wait for her to go.

    Do you say a word when she does go - ie if you always repeat the same phrase when she toilets - you can use that when you take her out and you want her to go.

    If I'm walking Frosty around the oval on lead, it usually takes between two laps of a cricket oval or 20 minutes before she goes. It's more random if she's off lead or been before we left home.

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