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    Hi all.
    Lately Cookie has been jumping and climbing everywhere! When I say everywhere, I mean 60cm high pot plants, chairs, sofas and coffee tables. She's also been running up and down stairs.
    I have junk everywhere except on the floor where she can reach it. But now since she's turned into a monkey she's able to get hold of my stuff and use it as a toy.
    So far I've been doing the distracting technique but I am not able to watch her 24/7.
    I am already trying to organize my things but I feel that wherever I put anything, she will be able to get it.

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    Haha, sounds gorgeous.

    What breed?

    Regarding the running up and down the stairs business, my lil puppy Chihuahua does this everyday a few times a day for about ten minutes. But we researched this and it's just a thing the breed does for their 'exercise', quite common too..

    Anyway back to you. Have you been scolding her? After all she is a puppy, she will eventually grow out of it, hopefully hehe.

    Try not to stress so much.

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    If it gets to be very hard to live with why not consider a large crate so that when you cannot be there to supervise, puppy can go into a safe place, put toys water and a bone in there and make it a comfortable place to be and soon puppy will look upon it as her own special place, as long as periods of confinment are not too long it is not cruel and is a great way to toilet train as well, pups do not like to mess in their own space and will alert you to the the fact that they need to get out to go to toilet.

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    She's a bichon frise.
    We already have a crate but I feel that I overuse it. Whenever I put her in there she just sleeps even though I do have toys in there for her.

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    'whenever i put her in there, she just sleeps'.
    That's the answer then.
    Dogs ONLY sleep, when they are tired, and relaxed and safe. A crate is a perfect place.
    Beware the phrase 'she's only a puppy'. It usually translates as 'its my baby substitute'.
    (i maybe biased here, ive only had large dogs. Tearing around the house in a frenzy is going to cause a lot of damage, more so than a bichon frise i guess)

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