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    Cool Attention Seeking Staffie

    Hi All,

    I have a 8 weeks old Staffie, Cheska.

    SHe is adorable but she likes to bite my hands, sometime she nibbles, sometime she bites, especially when she is excited over play time.

    My partner got me this puppy because he works away at a mine and i get rather lonely at home. So i totally understand that I am the ONLY companion that Cheska has and she wants my attention all the time, which I don't mind really, it is good to feel that she likes me.

    Sometimes she is an angel and will play by herself with all the toys i bought her in front of the tv; will not disturb me at all.

    BUT... last night I was on the phone and was not paying attention to her, she just jumped on my lap (I was sitting on the ground and was playing with her before my mobile rang) and bite me on my thigh! It was so painful, I yelled and she got scared and went back to her bed.

    Not long after, I was on the phone again, and she did it again! It seems like her way of telling me "Hey, you were playing with me first, you can't stop and start talking on the phone!".

    I was soooo angry because it hurt so much as inner thigh is pretty delicate!

    I don't want to whack her too much not keep shouting at her. Any suggestion what I can do to stop her biting? I was so tempted to put chilli powder over my hands so she can get some the next time she bits me.


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    No, don't whack her at all, as this is wrong.

    She's only a little baby really, and she doesn't understand you at all, she's in her puppy world and all she knows is to chew and bite. Rather than whacking her, take her by the skin on the neck, firmly, but don't shake and pull her away. It will take time, but she'll get it eventually. While you doing so, try saying NO, but try making it sound as if you're growling. If she's biting to hard, it's because she still didn't learn how to be gentle. Try squeezing her lip or snout a bit harder also with saying "NO" while you're doing it. She'll learn in time how hard she can go. She's also teething so that's another reason why she's biting. In time you will have to teach her that playing is when you want to play, and it stops when you want to stop. So, no leaving toys around at all times, but giving her a special toy as a reward. She'll learn to appreciate it. You have to be patient as it takes time.

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