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    How can I stop my puppy biting in play (I have 2 small children she only does it to them) I think she sees thm as pack leaders she listens to their commands of sit etc.
    Also she is so exctied to see anyone she just jumps and jumps you tell her to sit and she rolls on her back and then starts jumping again remove her from the room she jumps when she comes back.
    Dog training starts again soon but they didnt cover anything like this last year.
    I just want her to be a really well trained dog especially around my and other peoples children.

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    Hi there!

    I'm by no means an expert but I'm going through what you are right now although I don't have kids,

    I think you should do obedience classes and possibly see a behaviorist, also check this out:

    How to Control Your Dog's Behavior by Becoming Pack Leader - wikiHow

    (Although I don't know about the choke chain thing, someone more experienced might be able to chime in?)

    What i've been doing with mine who loves to jump and bite is to "submit" him whenever he is doing something wrong EG jumping or biting me.

    I sit down with him and play games and put my hands near his face, when he bites I calmy wrap my fingers around his neck and squeeze in the muscle section (obviously not his throat or scruff... imagine where a dog would bit another dog) and I squeeze gently but firmly and support his back down with my other hand.
    I was taught to do this by a behaviorist and the first time he squealed and squirmed (squeals of resistance not pain) and then he should go limp. Then you let him go and re start the playing. If he does it again, bite him again until he's limp. He should try about 3 times and then just lick you when you offer your hand.
    Do the same thing for the jumping, then when he stops and doesn't jump/bite LOTS of praise goooood giiiirlllll, slow soothing tones and pats.

    If she still disobeys either ignore her completely or lock her in a room with no toys, if she whines/yelps ignore her and only let her out when she's totally silent. She'll soon learn that the way to your affection is to behave.

    but you MUST be consistent, and ALWAYS repeat the same behavior otherwise you'll send mixed messages and she'll think it's ok to ignore you.

    I have the same prob but I'm not sure what behavior I want to stop and what I do, I personally don't mind the jumping so i'm not sure.......

    Hope i've helped..........

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    Sorry for the 'he's' not 'hers',

    Forgot to mention that the next step is to train her to sit and stay, once she's a master at that, (I think) you should have no more problems.

    She won't jump because you can command her to sit and stay. And as for the biting keep interrupting the behavior with submission or putting a toy straight in her mouth, make sure there is a clear difference between human hands patting (only licks) and toys around her (biting and chewing).

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