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Thread: Please Help Need Advice on Re-training

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    I'm seeking advice on how to toilet train a rescued puppy. She is around 5 months, and has learnt to pee in her bed and sleep in it (I guess at the pound??). Now when I get up in the morning, she has pee all over her coat. I set up her bed, next to (not far away at all) to an area with loads of newspaper. She opts to go on her bed and then sleep in it, rather than the newspaper? or even sleeping on the newspaper!

    I know this is a result of being badly treated when she's a pup, as no normal dog is this unhygenic. I read it is instinctual for them not pee in their bed. Has anyone got any advice on how to retrain the little girl?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ani5520 View Post
    I know this is a result of being badly treated when she's a pup, as no normal dog is this unhygenic. I read it is instinctual for them not pee in their bed.
    Just be careful here It might not be that it is due to misstreatment. I used to breed italian greyhounds and they would be playing outside and run back into their beds to pee then sleep there. Although they were my only pups that did it, some dogs are just like that.

    It si really dependant on where you got your pup and her temperment and prior experience. If it was just from a pound maybe she didnt feel secure enough to get out of her bed to pee. If you have that other thread in rescue the advice you got there was sound. Maybe you might want to provide more information on your dog. Breed, where you got her, any background you may have, how old she is etc. It good to find out why she is doing it before trying to fix it, that way you can understand her a bit better and have less trial and error.

    good luck with this.

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    regardless of 'why', i would suggest the following formula :
    Vet check to rule out illness
    start at the basics
    contain the area dog has free reign in. (crate, laundry, toilet, preferably tiled)
    devote a day, to watching it like a hawk. Try to watch for the tell tale signs, sniffing, circling, lowering the back end or cocking a leg.
    Quickly grab dog, take it outside, and wait with it till it pee's.
    Repeat, then repeat, then repeat. As much as you can re-inforce the good behaviour. Go nuts for every capture of the good behaviour ( peeing where you chose for it to pee). Ignore accidents.
    Keep the pup restrained in an area, for when you need a break.
    Get people to help out if you have family.
    I personally, would invite another dog around, to also be made to pee where you wish. Your dog will naturally want to pee too, at the same lampost too. Win win situation.

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    Some puppies also like really absorbent material to pee on.

    Hence why puppies will use the rug and not the tiles.

    How big is the crate area. Is it big enough to warrant her moving to another area to use. Or is it almost on top of her anyway.

    Make sure puppy has been to the toilet before bed. Take it outside just before the household goes to bed.

    We take the little puppies out to the toilet, then put them to bed, then get up early 5:30 to take them out again. You have to give them benefits for hanging on. The benefit being a clean bed.

    Toilet train throughout day.

    Can puppy be outside with crate open? Me personally I hate locking dogs in at night and expecting them to hang on. Having said that one dog was in last night, but I took her to the toilet before she went and slept on daughters bed.

    Save some dirty bedding and put in the area of the crate you want her to use and supply clean bedding.

    These are just a few idea. Often with rescue dogs they have been from home to home and it takes time for them to feel comfortable and secure.

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