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Don't you hate it when they freak you out like that! Poppy got bitten by an ant yesterday...it got in between her paws and bit her a few times! She cried and cried like someone was killing her! If AGB hadn't been there to take control I would of been a complete mess! At least I know what to do if it every happens again!
If you stay calm and in control, they will be calmer, Poppy had a bit of a freak out but I'm guessing that's the first time she's been bitten by a bug. Batty copped it on a front paw during his 3rd week with us and behaved in the same way, now he gets bitten and comes racing to me giving me the paw so I can fix it. It's kind of cute

As far as dags go I actually calmly call Batty to me and wipe his bum with some toilet paper. Was funny as anything the morning he got one and hubby decided to pick him up ... in full uniform!!! Well... Funny to me, until I had to wash the damn uniform!