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Thread: Ah! Success!!!

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    *DA stops sniffling...a bit*


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    Quote Originally Posted by Devil's Advocate View Post

    DA stomps off in disgusted jealousy because she lives so far away from everybody else.
    Catch a plane and we promise to come get you from the airport!

    Quote Originally Posted by Angela's Gone Batty View Post
    There will be tonnes of photos!

    Her bowls would be quite useful as would her food! The lead is ok, I have a couple of spares here... Around 8 of them...
    No probs! Will bring her bowls and food! Might portion it (dry food) out into ziplock bags too and label it to make it easy for you!

    Quote Originally Posted by Angela's Gone Batty View Post
    I will have the camera out and will make sure there are lots of photos put up this weekend... Oh wait, tomorrow!

    Yay for happy snaps! And for puppy play dates! I don't think I will bath her before our playdate this weekend! Hehe! It can wait till Sunday!

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