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Thread: And So It Begins...

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    Wink And So It Begins...

    Poppy is staring to show that she really does have favourites! Just like you all said! I am in bed (posting on my iPhone! Haha!) and she is out with OH as he is staying up late!

    Anyway she has been coming up to the bedroom door and scratching on it. Then just before she sat outside it and whined!

    OH is giving her a stern 'poppy' everytime she does it but I'm not sure that's teaching her anything?

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    He needs to make himself more interesting... Get a game going with her or something.

    Her getting attention for whining will make the problem worse. If he can redirect her attention onto a toy and start an interactive game with her she'll be happier

    Bonus is she'll get tired and sleep too

    We crate Batty at the normal time and put the blanket over if we're going to be up late, he needs his sleep... For the sake of his temperment the next day! He turns into a monster if he doesn't get enough sleep!

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    Thanks again for the great advice!

    I will suggest that to him tomorrow. Perhaps we should of put her to bed. I do know that if she scratched and whinged in there he would give into her though!!!

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    Give in on things that don't really matter, you win sometimes, then they do, so what. Give in on something important though and you are always back at the beginning, dog is confused and nothing happens the way you want it to.n Same with kids, dad says no, mum says yes, they soon learn how to play it. You both need to sit down and discuss strategies that you both will keep.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    Nah, dogs always follow me because...I'M THE BOSS!

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    happy "Poppy"

    Stern "uh uh"

    followed by water pistol jet if no action on the "uh uh"

    Otherwise you will teach dog that bad things happen when it hears its name. Ie you teach your dog to run away by calling its name with sterness or saying "Come here" like you're angry.

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