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Thread: A Few How To's???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angela's Gone Batty View Post
    Baby steps

    Take some treats with you, and walk one or two steps talking to her and encouraging her to stay next to you. Pause and treat every couple of steps. Then start adding an extra step or two in and continue like that.

    It takes time but it is worth it in the end. Batty is good until there is someone else in front of him... Then he's the wiggle butt but he doesn't actually pull that much on the lead.
    Thanks! Will do! She was good with the walking part! She didnt stop and sit and refuse to go! She just walked on one side then another then in front then behind then swapping sides! Lol! Is there a side they SHOULD walk on or just whichever side suits me?

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    Frosty sometimes orbits me like the moon around the earth if I'm not "working" her.

    Is there a right side for heel? Yes, you should be on the dog's right side and the dog on your left. That's if you want to go to a dog obedience club and/or do competition obedience later. Agility - you want the dog to work either side of you and pay attention and not get ahead of what you are telling to do. But it helps if the dog has a high level of the competitoin obedience style first, ie teach her to heel nicely on one side consistently and then worry about the other side.

    Bizzarely Frosty likes to heel on the right when we're going to and from the park but she heels on the left when we're practicing or at doggy school (obedience club classes).

    I wrote in here somewhere about the footwork that goes with an nice heel (make sure you start off heel with your left foot every time) and I will post the link for the clicker training site I like.
    Clicker Training

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