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    hello all =)

    I am kind of worried here because my 3month old labrador puppy eat really slow and sometimes won't even finish her food. I thought labradors are meant to LOVE food and get everything down in seconds!! I feed her 1cup 3times a day. so she gets 3cups a day of eukanuba puppy food .

    Also the vet said she was abit under weight and is very small for her age. She's around 6.5kilos now at 12weeks.

    Maybe i've been walking her too much? I walk her twice a day- morning for 20mins and evening for 40-50mins .

    Oh and she's wormed. So is there anything wrong with her?

    please reply thanks

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    Are you only feeding her puppy kibble? Try feeding some egg and sardines as well some good quality raw foods such as chicken wings . If she is on the small side and seems to have trouble with the wings ( most 12 week olds I know wont though) you can use necks . Chicken mince also would be good .The puppy kibble just once a day.

    You are asking too much of her though in terms of exercise for a 12 week old . A 40/50 minute walk is a big ask of a baby . The 20 minute one is probably quite sufficient . Is she vaccinated? Taking a bub out so young is opening her to chance of disease . If she hasn't had her needles , then just some playing in her own yard will be suffice until you have her done.

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    but i thought you're allowed to feed just dry food as it has all the nutrients. i must be wrong. I dont think my parents has time to prepare her anything. i probably can make her boiled eggs or something

    can i feed her some canned food instea then? any suggestions?

    btw if i dont take her out for the afternoon walk she goes crazy at home, running from rooms to rooms. She still does abit if i take her out but soon calms down. Does that still mean she's tired?
    and she's had two of her vaccinations. the vet said it should be fine because she's reasonablly protected.
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    Hi again,

    Many people have differing views on the types of food that is best for dogs , but as a general rule,no,just dry food is usually not enough.Especially for a young growing puppy.

    You dont need to boil her eggs,just crack them raw ( mine love the shells and all) into her bowl or on top of some sardines . Sardines can be bought very cheaply and are a great source of essential fatty acids .

    Can not only is canned food expensive , it usually lacks most of what a healthy pup needs . I have used it but only on the occasions I've had to wean a Rescue onto solids. It really is not a good all round food.
    A cheaper,healthier alternative is to boil up some mince and rice ( add some vegies ) and this can be fed to her in small lots. It is also easy to mix up and freeze . As are the chicken wings,necks etc...

    So happy to hear that you have had her needles done! That is fantastic!

    The walking ; it still is a bit excessive for such a young baby . The fact that she is still hyper is just a gauge of the amount of stimulation she needs ( gotta love the Labs ) walking does not always mean enough stimulation for an active little mind. It is creating perhaps undue stress on little developing joints and muscles . It is her mind you need to keep active

    Lots of toys and games as well as some short stints of basic obediance will greatly benefit her now . When I say obediance I dont mean she must learn to heel etc etc all at once. Remember her attention span is very limited at the moment. But little blocks of teaching her to sit before she is given food or treats for example .
    Throw some toys for her in the yard,burn off some of that excess energy with good old games .

    You may find that this will also help improve her appetite

    And lastly , what was she fed by her breeders? Have you asked them what may be the cause? Always a good first step

    Some photos would be lovely ? Always have time to go gaga over Lab babies
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    I've spoken to my parents and they agreed on buying her chicken neck and sardines. I'm excited to see how she goes.

    I gave her shorter walks today as well =) her craziness seemed manageable. I guess it's less work for me if i take her on shorter walks.

    anyhow, I've started obidience training from the first say she came and she's amazingly quick and picking up everything. She's learnt sit shake down off and no already . she's working on stay . I'm running out of things to teach her since she's my first puppy.

    Oh and also i bought her from a friend and she used to feed her pedigree . I heard it lacks quality so i changed it . I also ask her about her size, my friend just said her mum's a small dog too but i dont remember her being that small.

    btw sorry last question, my puppy stole my mum's chilli today and didnt poo in the arvo walk. Should i be worried?

    Thankyou so much for your advice

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    That's great to hear Lorah !

    Now re the chilli , it shouldn't cause a drama . If it was very strong then it may give her an upset tummy for a wee while but she would of needed to eat a fair amount of very big,hot chilli .

    Is she drinking ok ? Sometims a kibble only diet will cause constipation in a dog . Lots of water and no more dry food until she has a poo or you are satisfied she does not need to go ( having said that puppies are poo gladiators so if she doesn't go in the next day then I'd pop into the vets

    The main problem with dry food is it made up of an awful lot of cereals , in other words ,fillers.

    And you are welcome anytime

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    Oh and just quickly! With you running out of things to teach her....if she's coping ok ( maybe she's not though as a stressed dog fails to thrive and can/will lose weight ) there is still lots you can have fun with teaching her.
    High Five and Hang Tens are both good ones

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