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Thread: Puppy Outside???

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    10 weeks with Atlas - I got him when still living with Mum and Dad, they had an older dog that Atlas annoyed the crap out of - so he was crated when I was at work, and out when I was home, I moved out a few weeks later and Atlas had run of the yard while I was not home.

    When I got Kaos i kept her crated for a few days, till I was sure she and Atlas were ok together, then put her outside (she hated being crated)

    Any future pups will be outside as soon as I get them, unless there is a reason for them not to be!!

    Mine are mostly inside when I am home, and out when I am out (well, not today, i just mowed the lawns and have 2 green dogs, they are both staying outside!!!)
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    10 weeks is fine and you do not need a play pen as long as the fence is safe

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    Number 1 way to prevent dog theft according to all the articles I could find on the net was - never leave the dog outside unattended or if you do, make sure all the gates are padlocked. Nice. About as practical as running to the vet any time the dog does an abnormal poo.

    Frosty mostly stays inside when I'm out, it sort of depends on her and the weather. If the weather is kind she can stay out. If she won't come in when I tell her "Shutting the door now" - she can stay out until I feel like letting her in again. Usually an hour or two, or if I have to go anywhere, several hours.

    I really must build that damn kennel and fix the picket gates so they can't hold her collar when she jumps.

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