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    I had noticed yesterday morning that Lilly was squatting alot trying to urinate but not overly succesful, and when she did urinate it was darker. She was still playing and eating/drinking, but I thought urinary tract so I called the vet and got appointment. It is urinary tract infection i feel like a very bad mum atm. She is one some anti-b and doing much better even just 24hrs later. It has been heavy rain here on and off past few days and still really warm at the same time. Can this help contribute to her having this? Lawn need to be kept shorter? Pls any help is appreciated.

    On a positive note, I took Leo along aswell just to have him looked over, vet was very pleased with hips,jaw & weight. I would even say she was quiet smitten by Leo. Apart from urinary tract infection Lilly was growing well too.Hips jaw etc was good too.

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    Hi Rebec

    Um, write all these questions out, and ask the vet. They should be ok about answering over the phone since you were just there and maybe too frazzled to remember to ask. Leave a message with some of the questions, and ask them to call you back when they're not busy if they can't talk to you straight away.

    I have NFI what causes or prevents urinary tract infections in dogs. I do think it can come on quick (maybe ask the vet about that too) so don't be too hard on yourself - you did something as soon as you noticed.
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    While a urinary tract infection is common, that doesn't mean that there aren't ways to help prevent its occurrence. Here are some simple ways to make sure bacteria stays out and away from your dog:

    Bathe your dog regularly

    Make sure that your dog is drinking ample amounts of clean water each day

    Take your dog out every few hours to allow them to urinate regularly and prevent the buildup of bacteria in their bladder

    Make sure to walk your dog regularly as this stimulates the bladder

    Your dog may have a urinary tract infection at one point in their life, no matter what you do. But knowing what to look out for and how to minimize the risk will help you keep your dog as healthy as possible.

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