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Thread: Our Puppy!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devil's Advocate View Post
    I used the word prolific in the congtext of never ends, a vicious cycle, so to speak.

    Puppies are wormed every couple of weeks up until a certain age. One worming dose kills the formed worms that are in one part of the dog's system. Following that, others 'evolve' and move down, so to speak, and then another dosing 2 weeks later, takes care of those ones...

    The cycle goes on, until such stage as they are older and we can be sure that all worms are eradicated from their system.

    Hope that expalantion helped. It wasn't exactly put into the best scientific terms, but thought it would make sense to you this way.

    Don't be embarrassed to not know what a word means! Hell, I called someone Tia the other days because I didn't register that Tia means Thanks In Advance!!! PMSl.

    I see what you mean! I guess thats why puppies need to be wormed every 2 weeks until the hit a certain age.

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    Yep. If you put my depiction of the word together with it's meaning such as Di gave you, worms are like rabbits. Never-ending, so to speak.

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