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    Default One or Two?

    Is it better to have one or two puppies to keep each other company? Our pup won't be alone for more than four hours max in one day but I was wondering if it's better to get two.

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    I would get 1, train him/her and then get another for your pups 1st birthday

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    That's such a cute idea!

    Is it difficult to train a second one when the first one already knows to wee outside, come, sit, stay etc?

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    It's easier to train a 2nd dog when the first one is well trained as the older one will teach the younger one. It also goes the other way.. if the older one isn't trained well it will teach the younger one bad habits.

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    So if you make sure you dog is well behaved and trained, it can almost 'help' with a little brother or sister?

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    Thank you!

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    Pugger is correct in everything she has said IMO.

    One other point, I will make...if you get just one now, train him/her fully, then you can decide whether you really want a second one at all. You may, but you may end up being really happy just sharing all your time with your first dog, so...leaving the decision till later is often best.

    Good luck.

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    I got my two 6 days apart. TBH I probably wouldn't recommend it, unless you are super patient and have someone to help you. I love having them both together, and I wouldn't change a thing, but it can be very challenging and very expensive - remember, you'd have twice the food bills, twice the vet bills, etc, and it's very hard to train two at once (although it's easier when there are 2 of you to do it).

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