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Thread: Just Took Batty for a Walk....

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    Default Just Took Batty for a Walk....

    He did really well, despite the next door neighbours BC getting out to come and play and the other NDN's shepherd deciding that he looked like a great meal and barking down the neighbourhood because he wanted Batty for dinner... He needed a little encouragement at first, then I realised I was walking too fast so slowing down helped a lot!

    His reaction to other dogs seems to be pretty good - Puppy School has been paying off on the socialisation aspect! Levi (BC on one side) raced up to him, full pelt and skidded across the grass at Batty's feet and proceeded to make a complete fool of himself. I doubt Levi gets out much sadly Batty just play bowed, had a little bit of a play before stopping looking at me and looking down the road I took Levi home and continued on our walk. Bear in mind Levi is about 11 months old now LOL.

    We then came across Bear, who IMO isn't vicious as the owners like to claim, he's just untrained. Anyway, he took one look at Batty and was barking his head off throwing himself at the fence and whining, meanwhile his tail is going around and around in circles! Batty looked, his hackles went up and he hid behind my legs, I said to him "Don't be silly Batty, come on" and the hackles went down and he started following me again.

    We met the Garbage truck on the way back and again we had a good look at it before deciding that it wasn't going to hurt us

    All in all a good walk I think! Now he's buggered curled up with his teddy and I can have another hour to myself (laugh)

    What were your first walks like with your dogs when they were puppies or when you first got them?

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    I am so glad you have good progress. I have never walked a dog. Had smaller ones when younger who ran themselves ragged in big yards, balls thrown etc and the last 30 odd years on farms, they exercise themselves. One used to run up and down the 300 metre drive way, another used to take a morning constitutional around the outskirts of a paddock near the house. Pretty and the pups just run ragged playing where they want whenever they want or need to.

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