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Thread: Feels Like I Am Going Backwards :/

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    Yes I think your right Demi.

    Perhaps just stick with the simple stuff for the minute.

    Sitting, walking and socialisation.

    TBH Bailey was an arrogant little so and so for months....I think she eventually got the sit command when she was 6 months old. I took her to obedience training and followed through with everything they recommended. She just wouldnt! Even treats wouldnt work.

    But with lots of persistence we got there.

    Bailey is not perfect either we are still dealing with her aggression/timid issue towards large men and strangers but it is SLOWLY getting better.

    Lots of persistence hun (hugs) and dont worry about what others think yoou do what you think is best for her. Ignore the rest.

    Also be very STRONG towards others about how you expect them to be around her. This is hard.

    I had trouble with people ignoring my requests and feeding her at the table and praising her for aggression towards strangers. THIS IS NOT ON! you need to be really firm about this so it doesnt happen

    Best of luck hun...

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    Back to the original post.

    Mollie is a puppy - if you're doing anything wrong it might be expecting too much.

    Frosty still works best with treats and she's a year and two months. You work up to fewer treats or intermittant treats. Make Mollie do two things for each treat. Show her a treat, put it in the other hand, give signal to sit/drop whatever... then treat. Or heel then sit then drop then treat or Heel then sit then heel then sit then stay (step in front, step back) and treat.

    Mix your treats up have kibble and yummy treats together and give yummy treat, boring treat, a little bit randomly.

    Her attention span at this age is going to be about five minutes max - if you're lucky so plan breaks. Time how long she pays attention and train for that long - if it's 30 seconds work with 25 seconds and then free/play for 30 seconds then try again...

    Each new environment or distraction means you start your training again from scratch. So what doggy does in the back yard - you need to teach again at the oval and again on the footpath etc.

    Going backwards from time to time is normal. Just go back to the beginning or last thing that worked and start over. Think of your dog as an extremely simple person like somewhat less bright than downs syndrome. She needs heaps of repetition on the simplest things in all possible contexts with all possible distractions.

    Instead of treats, people use toys and play or just "good dog" and some pats and attention, or clicks with a clicker that has been associated with lots of treats.

    But for a 3 month old - I'd stick with treats and if anything - mix them up a bit, variety wise, and also try the occasional chase the ball / tug toy. Just make sure she knows "working" as well as "free".

    Oh yeah - one command at a time. get heel working first with lots of treats and repetitions and don't worry about sit, finish, stay until that's sorted etc. For the whole of grade 1 - the only commands they did (and it bored me and Frosty witless) was heel and sit. And sit was with a command and a lure with treat. Heel was with treat lure too. Watch me probably helps too at this point. So that's three commands and you do thirty successful repetitions on each one before you try the next one. So that might take you a few weeks with several sessions a day.

    Things like "stay" - work on how long she stays first - just standing in front of her. Don't let her move. Build up to about 30 seconds - and then work on distance from her. Do not throw "come" into this mix any time soon. Besides most dog schools teach "wait" then "come" and "stay" is only for when you go back to the dog.

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    Yep, I think you are. At first I was really strict with Dora but then these guys opened my eyes. Now, I dont request anything other than waiting for her food, following commadns that she knows and not biting from her.
    I'm focusing on socialisation atm (unfortunately I didnt get a chance to work on it today) and not much else.
    What are you rushing into exactly?
    I have been rushing into commands/obedience too fast I think. I have been doing SO much stuff at once when I really think about it. I am going to start re-freshed tomorrow, with more simplicity.

    @Judge; Thanks so much Judge xx.

    @Hyacinth; Mollie knows alot of commands already, due to my rushness I suppose! I think I will focus on the simple commands at the moment until she completely gets them.
    Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it! My priorties/expectations for Mollie have changed Now, I feel I have much more realistic expectations and I feel she will learn better with me going slow

    <Feels like a giant weight has been taken of her shoulders>
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    For a little puppy...simple commands sound good...such as sit...drop...look...come.

    It is not about teaching them heaps of commands in a short period of is about teaching them to be consistent in a few...maybe even just one to begin with.

    Like with don't want to have say...sit (she doesn't sit...sit Mollie...sit SIT)...a command is said once and obeyed...if it is not done immediately after command...then you still need to work on that. Puppy needs to understand that command MUST be followed in an instant.

    We teach our dogs to WAIT...this can be used when you're out walking. WAIT means...stop everything you are doing and freeze/wait RIGHT NOW...not in 4 seconds and after you said it 4 times. This one can be a lifesaver for you pup should they get off the leash and run towards a road.

    This is taught here (for now) with treats/toys...I say wait and I mean not move or touch that treat until I say...OK. I want them to understand...when I say not not look at that not sniff each means freeze

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    good lord - this is a puppy - a baby - just chill.

    go read this

    and stop expecting her to be trained - dogs are not born trained.

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    This is one obvious reason why I don't like to use treats myself for training. I'm with Mal on this one 100% - a voice full of praise and a loving gentle pat are usually enough to make any dog I've owned eager to please me.

    I tend to use treats just because I can. For a cuddle and a treat. For any reason really.

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