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Thread: New Japanese Spitz Puppy - Toilet Training Question

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    We have a beautiful new JS puppy - she is 11 weeks old now and seems to be learning VERY quickly. She is lively, energetic, fun and quite a handful at times.
    On the toilet training front, she has done very well. She understands that she needs to pee and poo on the grass in the park, but simply does NOT get the difference between the house and the back of our townhouse - which is tiled and has stones - no grass. So, if we don't take her for a walk every 2 horus or so, even if the door to the back garden in open, she will do her business in the house. Any idea how we can teach her to use the back garden even though there is no grass? We have bought a patch of artificial grass and have halved it - half in the house, and half outside. She now understands that she must use the grass inside the house, but still refuses to use it outside !
    Any advice?

    She is beautiful by the way. OUr 7 year old daughter is in love and the puppy is very good with her.

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    Nix posted

    and here be kenic posting the same thing.

    Most forums don't allow people to have multiple IDs. And most forum regulars aren't that keen on having the same thing posted in lots of places ie duplicate threads. Pick one place and leave it there. If you accidentally post twice, it's usual to acknowledge with an "oops, sorry" or similar.

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