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Thread: Puppy Playing in Water

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    Do you really need it to stop? ie pick your battles.

    If you do, then you need to give your dog something else to do before she puts her paws in - call her to you and play with her or give her a treat, or a kibble ball or a chew toy or an ice block.

    Or you change the water bowl to one she won't splash in - too small to get her paws in.

    Or get a much bigger water bowl for that spot. My outside one is a large ceramic bowl about a foot across and very heavy, ie it won't tip up even if my dog stands on it. However it is currently located next to a shell pool that catches water from one of my roof down pipes - so there is some paw cooling that goes on, I've got a couple of bath mats inside the back door so the paws are dry by the time she gets inside.

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    Haha well this is my Keira's favourite games - chase the hose water!!!

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    My dogs have a bucket with water outside...they also have a paddling pool when itgets warmer (it has been filled for a while now)

    Our wee foxy/shih tzu x loves the paddling pool but it hasnt deterred her from splashing in the bucket. She will put her face and front legs in and splash around. Then get out and jump in the pool and splash around.

    I dont worry about it, she enjoys it and there is plenty of water so its not like she is going to dehydrate.

    Funnily though, the lab x hates the pool and only gets in if you make him lol

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