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    I'm new here and I am hoping to get some help. I have been researching puppies now for 5 mths and I think its about time I actually made a decision about what would be best for our family (before my hubby and kids go mad). We have a young family, a 2 yo and 4 1/2 yo and after going a bit crazy have decided to get a KC.

    I have been looking into registered breeders but before I phone any of them I want to find out what sort of questions I should be asking. I'm really (really!) worried about the dog developing heart prob's down the track so I will be asking for heart cert's from the parents but what else should I be looking at? I have seen some with 'limited registration' which I understand means no showing or breeding, which is fine because it will be a family pet, but is there any reason this may be so? Health prob or something?

    If anyone has a gorgeous King Charles do you have any advice for our family beore we get one? This puppy will be a much loved and looked after member of our family but I am a little nervous as I haven't owned a dog for a while and have never had one of these. It will obviously be an inside dog, it will get plenty of walks and plays in the park and the kids will dote on it.

    Thanks for reading and any advice will be much appreciated!

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    Hi and welcome. I love King Charles Spaniels. We had two when I was really young and they were just lovely. I definitely think it's a great choice for a young family.

    My guess would be that the limited registration has nothing to do with health probs but is just so people don't go breeding them. Alot of threads on backyard breeding here if you're interested on reading up on it. This forum has been a real eye opener for me.

    Definitely make sure that the parents-to-be have both been health checked and that everything is clear.

    I'm sure some of the other members here will give you the best questions to ask

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    Thanks puggerup

    I read somewhere that over 50% of KC develop heart prob's before the age of 5. Is it usually terminal? What about (dare I say) crossing the breed? There is just so much I don't know and I'm terrified of how a sick dog may affect the kids.

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    Thanks Megan

    My main issue has been where to buy the puppy and it will definitely be purchased responsibly and ethically. Originally we wanted a rescue dog but a few things got in the way, one being my 2 yo is a little nervous around dogs so I want it to be as small as possible to give him time to get used to her and also I really wanted to know the pups history and behaviour (I know the rescue places check all that but I really want to be sure).

    I have read a lot about the puppy mills on this forum. You guys are a wealth of information!

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    No I don't. I'm sort of relying on recommendation from breeding sites. Is that dumb? Where could I find a list?


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    I just spoke to a registered breeder who explained to me a bit about what she does. She sounded great, but the parents of the puppy are only young (18mths old). She has been breeding for 20 odd years and shows the dogs as well. The parents have healthy heart certificates and the pups have health cert's from the vet as well. She says she feels very responsible to ensure she does the best she can to produce healthy pups and that she feels responsible to not only us but to her breeder peers as well. I don't know, what are my chances of getting a puppy with older parents...say 6-7 yrs? These may be silly questions, I don't even know the average age for dogs to have puppies.

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    Thankyou so much puggerup.

    I'm very excited. The breeder that I spoke to was from that list. I think we may have found our new puppy!

    You have really helped put my mind at ease. Thanks again

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