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Thread: Puppy Problems

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    Default Puppy Problems

    well they aren't so much problems, but i would appreciate any opinions on how to deal with them!

    a) he farts. all. the. time. and theyre rank! at first i thought it was maybe because we had changed his food from purina to supercoat (he did fart before the change, but nowhere near as much or as smelly!), but that happened almost 2 months ago and its still going on.

    b) he chases his tail almost constantly - but he also has plenty of toys!

    c) someone reflected a cd onto the roof in our place and ever since (atleast a month) he's become obsessed with the lights and looking up there

    a friend made a joke saying he was autistic or something and yes, i laughed, but like all 'parents' i was inwardly worried from that moment on!

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    A) I asked the vet about this problem. At first they suggested charcoal tablets.
    Then said if you burn toast you can scrape it onto their food.
    You can also buy charcoal dog biscuits. Kimba has these and it helps a lot, but there is the occasional room clearer!

    B) Im not sure what breed dog you have but I"ve heard its more common in some breeds...not sure how to stop it.

    C) We actually play games with Kimba doing this! We get her to chase it on the floor. She enjoys it, but gives up after a while though. My 'real' kids also love this game! The youngest still hasn't realised you can't grab

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    I have had a few (lazy single male) friends who actually exercise their dogs by pointing a laser pointer dot on the floor and moving it along so the dogs chase it and the owner can sit and watch the footy while the dog exercises,so its pretty natural behaviour in the dog to like shiny bits.

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    As to the farting, i would suggest putting him on a natural diet as i dont agree with feeding any of the supermarket brand dog foods, plain and simple they are absolute rubbish with alot of nasty stuff on them that they dont have to declare in the ingredients due to poor government regulation i.e Hill's science diet (meant to be one of the best and is recommended by all the vets and the RSPCA) contains preservatives BHA and BHT (its illegal to put these preservatives in Human food) that can cause Kidey and liver disease, dry skin, allergic reaction, dental disease, tumour growth and cancer. Also the manufacturer in Canada uses euthinased dogs and cat as one of the "meat by-products". Try something like Eagle pack, Vets all natural premium mix, Flint River Ranch or the BARF diet.

    As to the light chasing. Some breeds are more prone than others, but dogs can get obssesive compulsive disorder just the same as humans. My mother has a border collie that will literally chase a ball until he passes out from exhaustion.

    He is facinated by the light and the way it moves. some dogs will get over this but if it is really obsessive or getting out of hand you can contact a trainer to come into your home and show you how to prevent it or minimise the behaviour.
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