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    Question I'm Really Worried

    HI all,

    I was just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them. I have just noticed that when JAde walk's she clicks, it sounds like its from her back leg's. She isnt in any pain, and still run's around never wimper's or licks the area. But i am fairly sure that the noise is not normal, we saw our breeder yesterday at the Skye dog show, and she said she look's great and never heard of this before.

    So i am taking her to the Vet tonight, but i was just wondering if i am alone?

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    my joints click and crunch as I move. It would be better if they didn't but it's not always painful - just a sign of years of abuse - loads of running around and being clobbered playing hockey and riding bikes and horses.

    Frosty's claws click clack when she walks on hard surfaces.

    And there is a sort of popping noise that you can get from joints like when some people crack their knuckles. No pain, it's just to do with the way the joint moves, and sometimes gas (nitrogen) or something pops in and out of solution in the blood or something like that. Mostly harmless but not encouraged to do it on purpose ie popping knuckles on a frequent basis can lead to unpleasant arthritus like / joint wear problems later in life.

    Would be interesting to see what the Vet makes of it. You might need a specialist in joints to get to the cause of it though and given no obvious pain, is it worth it?

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