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    My puppy is now 5 months old and has been fantastic in the house training department (infact all departments!). However the past few days have been horrible and I just wanted some feedback and advice.

    She has been great but one morning had 3 accidents in a row - not big ones as I had taken her outside first thing. That same day she was scheduled to have her operation for sterilization so off she went. The next couple of days she was fine and then today (4 days after surgery) she has had 2 small accidents again.

    I know she is still a puppy but she is supervised so closely and seems to be less predictable now as to when she will pee as to when she was smaller. Is this a result of her surgery or just co-incidence?

    One thing I did - which I now see as a mistake. She sleeps in a cage which has direct doggy door access to outside - so she has never had a problem overnight and I hear her go out a couple of times a night. The room her cage is in is a kids playroom and when she hadn't had an accident for about 4 weeks I gave her the run of the room at night and while I was out - this is the same room she has been having her accidents in, although at night she is fine and still uses her cage to sleep in although she knows she can sleep on the couch.

    I guess I am just asking if there is any co-relation between her having the surgery, a regression in house training and/or been given more room to roam in? (I have since put her back in the cage with doggy door access day and night).

    This house training part really does my head in - I would just like to get to the stage I can trust her. She is very good with every other aspect - she knows she can't go upstairs to the bedrooms (carpet) and will patiently wait for us at the bottom of the stairs (we are in a terrace house over 3 floors and she is quite use to stairs.)
    Thanks for 'listenin'

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    I wouldn't be too worried, it's only 4 days after surgery. Also, spayed bitches may have problems with incontinence.

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