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Thread: Ok We Might Need Some Tips for on the Lead Over Here!

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    Default Ok We Might Need Some Tips for on the Lead Over Here!

    Charlie is being such a little bugger on the lead today!...

    Today is the first day we've done it in a week... we've been a little lazy since the hot weather set in! He used to be so good! Its like he lost it coz we weren't consistent!

    We have been to bark busters... we've only had one day there and that was last thursday and they were trying to get the puppies to walk slow on lead...

    I personally did not enjoy our bark busters experience because they sternly told me not to let Charlie learn word based commands and to instead growl at my puppy... but then when we were going through door manners they told us to teach him "wait" contradicting themselves a little suggests to me that they dont actually know what the hell they are doing! No offence if there are any Bark buster workers or fans out there... It was just my experience.


    Charlie drags on the lead... we dont actually drag him but he drops to a lay and refuses to move... We really want him to have good manners but he is just so cheeky about it!

    So can anyone suggest any excellent trainers anywhere near Blacktown or Castle Hill... we are smack bam in between those 2 suburbs! Or can anyone make any suggestions on how to teach him on the lead! He needs to stop laying!!! hahaha he is naughtttty!!! But I love his guts out!

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    I have actually heard a few negatives about Barkbusters and I would never use them. My suggestion is to go to puppy pre-school or obedience as soon as you can. Most pups are cheeky but they just need to learn some manners and walking ettiquette (if thats how you spell it).

    I don't think you have a real problem here. Welcome to the world of puppies.

    By the way, I know you love your boy, but he is still a dog and you should try to start seeing yourself as his handler rather than his mummy. I'm not having a go at you, I just think that maybe you should do some research on dog behaviour to better understand your pooch.

    Please dont take it the wrong way.

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    lol.......... i just realised that my profile name is rosies mum.

    you know what I mean. We're all guilty of being a little too indulgent with our pups, just know where to draw the line.

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    Hi There and Thanks for Posting your Question ..

    I will just try and give a few tips from my perspective .. no doubt heaps of others will reply so just balance it out and find what advice is right for you and your situation.

    I think you hit the nail right on the head when you spoke about not being consistent. Whilst there are some dogs who will go ballistic at the very thought of a walk, whether they had one 5 mins ago or 5 weeks ago .. there are also others who can sometimes start to get a little bit lazy in the comfort of a few days of no physical or mental stimulation. To get them going, well can be pretty tough. I'd recommend a very structured approach to the exercising part of Charlie's day. Yeah it gets hot, but there are times of the day that are ok to walk him (early or late) without causing him too much distress. Take a water bottle with you if you are worried and let him have a lil drink down the block and maybe rub a little bit around his neck if he seems really buggered!

    I started walking a pooch friend of mine who had an owner who really only ever took him out in the car .. so he would walk to the car and then BOOM .. dig his claws in and just would not walk any further. He was a reasonably excited dog so there was something I tried to get him going ... I made it exciting for him, lined him up and in the most excited voice I would do a 1 ................ 2................... 3 .................... LETS go! It took a few times, but it always worked after a few tries. I did this both on and off-lead and rewarded him when he started to walk/run (a nice treat and big pats and congratulations). I did it every single day .. my logic being that the routine would start to kick in, his laziness would be left on the lounge and he also wouldn't see outside as just going in the car (I parked the car down the street!). He also got cool rewards for good behaviour.

    Bark busters, I don't have much knowledge about them .. I think there are heaps of things you can do first before thinking of a training 'expert' .. you'll be cool ... patience and commitment and Charlie will be right by your side. Formal training though is really great in the way of obedience training which is probably available in your area. Not just for the training, but the socialisation of Charlie with other pooches .. it would be so awesome for him!

    Ummm, I guess that's about it. Happy to discuss in more detail if you wanna chat.

    Good luck and happy walking with Charlie ..

    Best regards, SH, Lola n' Zep

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    Totally OT.. my son uses the Let's goooo with his 3 kids aged under 6. Works a treat, lol

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    I just want to start by saying Im not going into this blindly, I have had dogs before this is my and the OH's first puppy together without the help of the dog masters that are my parentals!

    I work from home so when I dont have a client with me I am either researching puppy training or playing with Charlie and teaching him.

    I joined a forum to build relationships with other dog lovers and to seek their advise suggestions and opinions afterall isnt that what a forum is all about? Its one thing to do google searches and read what you have researched its another thing to seek advise from other that have been there done that! Sometimes people with more experience can offer suggestions that are far more valuable than your google search can provide!

    Southern Harmony, thankyou for your advise! It was very helpful and I appreciate it very much! I'll let you know how its going with the lead and I'll try the 1 2 3 LETS GO! Im sure he'll find it fun!

    Diedee! You're funny! Charlie also Likes "arrrrreeee you readyyyy!!!" totally off the lead walking topic but... he runs for a toy when I do that but I pick up another toy and get him to play with that one first... I was told that if he brigs a toy to play with and if I play with it first he considers that a win (as in dominance) he likes it the way I do it regardless of if I was taught the wrong thing! It keeps him on his toes!

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    Hey no need to explain .. tis a good place to just ask questions and nut it out and shoot the sh*t so to speak. Always happy to do it.

    Can't wait to read a follow up and see how Charlie is going on the walking scene!

    Cheers, SH, Loles n' Zep

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    Hi charliesmum

    Frosty didn't want to go for walks and would hug the ground. Dog club instructor said "drag her". So I tried that. I'd also tried carrying her for the first couple of houses, which worked but not so much fun with a 21kg dog. "Dragging" also worked. I never actually dragged her, she always got up and walked like a proper dog. Now we only have issues trying to cross busy roads, and I am torn between her being scared of busy roads is a good thing and wanting her to be more calm/manageable. The sensible harness helps a lot with the control.

    Dog training clubs - ask your local vet or shelter group who they recommend. Also if Charlie? is under 4 months old you can take him to puppy pre-school - highly recommend.

    Heel is one of the hardest things for a puppy to get right. I did a lot with really really yummy treats - like the carrot and the donkey. Puppy only gets the treat when she's in the right spot, and puppy has to be continually reminded where that is. And only little bursts of training and practice at a time eg 30 seconds to five minutes. And if it's too hot outside, up and down the hallway or around the lounge is good enough. Try to finish when he gets something right. Time how long his attention span lasts - is it 30 seconds, 2 minutes? 5 minutes - and stick to around that long.

    Bark busters - some of them are better than others. If you want "all positive" look for Delta trainers - some of them can be quite imaginative. But I find the best value for money are the dog obedience clubs. Again there is quite a bit of variability in club rules (slip collars or not?), and instructors (strict, hard to understand, fair & even handed, imaginative) so if one doesn't feel right, try another.

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