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Thread: Peeing on Bed

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    Thanks Hyacinth,

    We've been to puppy school and Barry even had to be boarded for a weekend which he absolutely loved. Can't get enough of playing!!!

    We've only had one incident with a family members dog, a little maltese x who growled and barked and bared her teeth at Barry who was initially just so excited tail wagging ear down trying to sniff.

    We had to pull Barry away because she was getting so agitated by him.

    Perhaps i should start another thread with this one.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

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    Sorry, im a bit late and havent read all the replys in full just wanted to say Leo did this to around the same age- once started doing a wee wee while i was cooing over him and giving him a belly scratch!, only had a few such accidents, same when over excited/playing ect... i think they just dont know at that age that they need to go untill its to late!

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