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Thread: Question About Leaving Puppy Home Alone

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    Default Question About Leaving Puppy Home Alone

    I have a 9 week old german shepherd. I am at home fulltime however once a week I leave the house to do a grocery shop (I am gone for around an hour).
    My question is, is it ok to leave him in the backyard (it is fully secure with high colourbond fences, concrete lining the whole fenceline, we have locks on the gates and we have nothing dangerous or poisonous in the yard) or should I leave him in the bathroom or laundry? He's not very familiar with the bathroom and laundry whereas he loves being outside and has more space out there.

    What are your thoughts?


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    If he likes being outside, then I'd leave him in the back yard, so long as he has shade, and plenty of cool, fresh water.

    Perhaps a bone to occupy himself with would be good, also.

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    Hi Megan

    When I first started going out and leaving Frosty behind - I left her in a crate in the kitchen/laundry area so she couldn't do too much damage to anything. When she stopped chewing the newspaper in the crate and the blanket around the top of it, I started leaving the crate door open but the door to the lounge shut, and that worked ok, she didn't chew anything she wasn't supposed to. And eventually I let her stay in the lounge.

    I very rarely leave her outside, there's very little shelter from rough weather or hot weather and she's already had a go at hanging herself on the gate pickets. If I do leave her outside, I take her collar off. And the first few times, I let the neighbours know and checked back with them to see how much noise she made. Not much apparently.

    If you want to stay home, you can do your grocery shopping online at or, I think it helps if you live in the Metro area. Or you can take dog with you and leave in the car, provided you park in the undercover car park in the shade. Frosty regards the car as her kennel at the moment. I think I was lucky - she never chewed anything in it. But if you're worried about that, a crate in the car might help.

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