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    does anyone know of any breeders in queensland of spoodles? i am reluctant to purchase one from a pet store.

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    I assume you mean a Cocker Spaniel x Poodle? No, sorry, I don't know of anyone who breeds these cross bred dogs.

    Is there a reason you specifically want a cross like this?
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    Why buy a x breed when there are plenty waiting to be adopted from shelters all over the country. If you want a specific mix and there are none in your area check out all the other rescues / shelters around the country.
    Are you familiar with a spoodle,? do you know of their health issues ? If you're not I would suggest lots of research. If you're serious about wanting a puppy I wish you all the best in your search.

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    Knowing the parents of a cross bred does not really give you any idea of the size, look or temperament of the offspring - genetics doesn't work that way. A first cross can be much larger than both parents, have any weird and wonderful combination of the two coats and can be subject to some strange behavioural issues.

    Be prepared to fork out for regular professional grooming as a beginner cannot cope with these coats - and coated faces in particular (which come from the poodle) can pose serious health problems if left.

    Most people breeding these type of crossbreds are after one thing, your money. No different to getting it from the petstore.

    Please make sure you get genuine vet paperwork - parvo is about in many places at the moment...

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    Quote Originally Posted by want1 View Post
    does anyone know of any breeders in queensland of spoodles? i am reluctant to purchase one from a pet store.
    Some people do NOT want a pup from a Pet Shop or Shelter as these places tend to NOT have Hereditary Disease Health Testing Certificates on the pup’s parents. By this I mean Veterinary Specialist testings done at appropriate ages and in the form of Heart, Eyes, Patellas, Elbows and Hips plus other specific testings depending on breed.

    Some people do call Cocker Spaniel x Poodle by the name Spoodle and another name is Cockapoo. Regardless as to what you might call them ask the breeder to show you the parents Hereditary Diseases Health Testing Certificates and even ask to see DNA prcd-PRA testing Certificates, see Cockapoo listed on the page at this address.
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