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Thread: Dog Sleeping on Your Bed

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    Falcon sleeps with me when he wants to...he's no probs as he's small. Candy used to sleep on the bed, untill she got too big and had to sleep on me rather than next to me. Oh, and there was no room for hubby either

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    All very helpful. I think Jade will sleep on the floor in our room and in the morning's have cuddels. Because i think she is going to be a fairly large dog, so not sure i want to share more of my bed hahhah

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    Our Charlie started out in his crate for potty training purposes and then ended up in our bed by 10 weeks old. He was fully potty trained by that stage so he no longer needed to sleep in it at night. He did however have the occassional nap in his crate until he outgrew it and the next size up!

    I don't think I could sleep at night without knowing he's there - even though he's a selfish sleeper but that's a matter of choice for doggy owners

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    Leo has his own bed in our bedroom is allowed on our bed by invite only, he always falls alseep on the bed with me as OH always goes to get quite late, but goes to his own bed when my OH goes to bed. Leo does sneak up on the weekends if we are sleeping in and curls up at our feet

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    Chloe liked to sleep with us.

    Amos claimed the spare bed.

    And they both liked their beanbags

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    When my two were little, they would sleep in a wooden playpen beside my bed, but now that they are toilet trained, they sleep on my bed. Benson usually curls up down near my feet but Molly likes to sleep curled up against my back which I love. They are very good sleepers though and often will just wake up in the morning and have a quiet play together or they chew their pigs ears. The minute they know I'm awake though, they cover me in puppy kisses.

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