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Thread: Maltese X Jack Russel Pup

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    Default Maltese X Jack Russel Pup

    So... what do you think of a Maltese x Jack russel... would it make a good pet... its a female and a young pup.
    Roughly how big would it grow?

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    Here is an image of one

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    awww its gorgeous! ive been helping out at a vet clinic and they had a black and tan one there... i fell in love instantly lol... as i do with all puppies hehe

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    My Missus has one. apparently it used to be very cute..anyway as a puppy it bites eveyrthing until the point where he couldnt chew it anymore. I think its jackrussell thing. they tend to be destructive when they;re young. You'll need alot of pateince..

    Mine bites me until i bleed =/ its a big issue but then again I think its just their nature to do careful

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    I think she will make a wonderful pet and have no doubt you will be blessed with her in your life.

    Size would be small to small medium depending on the mix.

    JRT's are a high energy breed and require high amounts of exercise and stimulation.

    It is natural puppy behaviour to dig, chew and get up to all sorts of mischeif so you will need to be prepared for this for a minimum of two years.

    Good training and socialisation is a must. Puppy school would be an awsome start.

    I would start with asking yourself what you are able to offer her.

    Dogs are an enormous commitment, puppies esspecially so.

    Let us know how you get along!


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    My friend has a 2 yr old JRXM and he is gorgeous but very energetic. He could retrieve his ball ALL day! He is a great companion for her (single lady) and has a wonderful tolerant personality around my 9 week old puppy who is very trying for him. He goes to a doggy daycare three days a week while she is work to keep him amused and give him company.
    It is more than the breeds though of course,each one comes with its own personality. You will need to spend some time with the dog to see if you gel.

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    This is a very very old thread. Started in 2008, so what ever puppy this is, it would be all grown up now.

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